Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Most Popular Indian Celebrities, Sonam Kapoor Enters in Top 20

Top Stars Salman, Deepika , Amitabh, Sachin, & Shahrukh have maintained their positions while Sonam Kapoor is new face in Top 20.

Most Popular Indian Celebrities on Social Media
RankProfilesFacebook LikesTwitter FollowersTotal Fans
1Salman Khan283841311519066243574793
2Deepika Padukone299319591241649342348452
3Amitabh Bachchan225275531828247840810031
4Sachin Tendulkar25883329879983234683161
5Shah Rukh Khan165491551670910833258263
6Virat Kohli22987807879300331780810
7A.R. Rahman21642140956854031210680
8Honey Singh28930812220198431132796
9Aamir Khan153893401568561231074952
10Priyanka Chopra179592521197259029931842
11Shreya Ghoshal24831627404323528874862
12Akshay Kumar171937291076963927963368
13Hrithik Roshan157946731205686627851539
14Sonakshi Sinha20109263616839326277656
15Kapil sharma21497090433627325833363
16Madhuri Dixit - Nene21683776381051425494290
17Shahid Kapoor14948474741108722359561
18Sonam Kapoor13436372793092021367292
19Sonu Nigam18339115302105421360169
20MS Dhoni16301760476189821063658

Monday, 14 December 2015

Top Actors All Time Inflated Adjusted Gross Nett

This chart has been adjusted for inflation. The adjusted figures represent the total amount of revenue generated by all the movies a star has appeared in over their lifetime.

All Time Top Actors at The Domestic Box Office
NoActorsMoviesCountedInflated Adjusted Gross NettAverage
1Salman Khan74555376 Crore97.74
2Akshay Kumar107835300 Crore63.64
3Shah Rukh Khan59474815 Crore102.2
4Ajay Devgan87754530 Crore60.4
5Sunjay Dutt120673272 Crore48.83
6Aamir Khan39233181 Crore138.3
7Suniel Shetty93823114 Crore37.97
8Sunny Deol81422796 Crore66.59
9Anil Kapoor101422571 Crore61.22
10Govinda128582528 Crore43.59
11Hrithik Roshan20202428 Crore121.4
12Abhishek Bachan41412296 Crore56,00
13Saif Ali Khan52432238 Crore52.05
14Bobby Deol36361746 Crore48.51
15John Abraham32321293 Crore39.2
16Ranbir Kapoor 1414990 Crore70.71
17Emraan Hashmi3232988 Crore30.89
18Shahid Kapoor2323867 Crore37.69
19Imran Khan1212829 Crore45.77

Last Updated 14/12/2015

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Most Watched Actors of All Time

The figures represent the total number of ticket sold by all the movies an Actor has leading or supporting Role in over their lifetime.

Most Watched Actors of All Time
NoActorsMoviesCountedTicket SoldAverage
1Salman Khan745562.80 Crore1.14
2Akshay Kumar1078259.08 Crore0.72
3Shah Rukh Khan594754.58 Crore1.16
4Ajay Devgan877450.65 Crore0.68
5Aamir Khan392235.14 Crore1.59
6Sunjay Dutt1205034.85 Crore0.69
7Suniel Shetty935031.92 Crore0.63
8Sunny Deol814131.72 Crore0.77
9Govinda1285028.50 Crore0.57
10Anil Kapoor1014228.18 Crore0.7
11Abhishek Bachan403927.92 Crore0.69
12Hrithik Roshan202027.46 Crore1.37
13Saif Ali Khan524224.75 Crore0.58
14Bobby Deol363619.80 Crore0.55
15John Abraham333213.70 Crore0.42
16Emraan Hashmi323211.44 Crore0.35
17Ranbir Kapoor 141310.40 Crore0.8
18Shahid Kapoor232309.72 Crore0.42
19Imran Khan121105.94 Crore0.54

Last Updated ( 12/10/2015)

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Top Actors Of All Time At The Box Office

These charts are not adjusted for inflation. The figures represent the total amount of revenue generated by all the movies a star has appeared in over their lifetime. While we make every effort to collect all available data, there are inevitably omissions and errors. Please help us by sending corrections to the comment box below.

All Time Top Actors at The Domestic Box Office
NoActorsMoviesCountedTotal Gross NettAverage
1Salman Khan74742565 Crore34.66
2Akshay Kumar1071072531 Crore23.67
3Shah Rukh Khan59591839 Crore31.16
4Ajay Devgan87871710 Crore19.65
5Aamir Khan39391469 Crore37.16
6Sunjay Dutt120671426 Crore21.29
7Abhishek Bachan40401277 Crore31.92
8Hrithik Roshan20201214 Crore60.7
9Anil Kapoor1011011070 Crore10.59
10Saif Ali Khan52521015 Crore19.51
11Ranbir Kapoor 1414833 Crore63.84
12Suniel Shetty9382771 Crore9.4
13John Abraham3232758 Crore23.68
14Emraan Hashmi3232668 Crore20.87
15Shahid Kapoor2323557 Crore24.21
16Sunny Deol8142550 Crore13.1
17Govinda12858536 Crore9.25
18Bobby Deol3636471 Crore13.1
19Imran Khan1211446 Crore37.18

* Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are unbeatable at the domestic box office while rest of  stars are far behind.
All Time Top Actors at the Overseas Box Office
NoActorsMoviesCountedTotal GrossAverage
1Shah Rukh Khan5946$215M4.6M
2Salman Khan7455$165M3.0M
3Aamir Khan3922$147M6.7M
4Akshay Kumar10780$133M1.6M
5Hrithik Roshan2020$87.8M4.3M
6Ajay Devgan8775$66.4M0.8M
7Abhishek Bachan40
8Saif Ali Khan52
9Ranbir Kapoor 13
10Emraan Hashmi32
11Shahid Kapoor23
12John Abraham32

* Shahrukh Khan Leads Overseas Boxoffice despite doing less movies than others.

All Time Top Actors at the Worldwide Box Office
NoActorsMoviesCountedTotal GrossAverage
1Salman Khan74574483 Crore78.6
2Akshay Kumar107834158 Crore50.6
3Shah Rukh Khan59493718 Crore75.8
4Ajay Devgan87752877 Crore38.3
5Aamir Khan39222809 Crore127.6
6Abhishek Bachan40
7Hrithik Roshan20201987 Crore99.3
8Saif Ali Khan52
9John Abraham32
10Ranbir Kapoor 13
11Emraan Hashmi32
12Shahid Kapoor23

* Salman Khan again leads worldwide box office with very good margin. 

Last Updated ( Dec 08 2015 )