Music Review: Krrish 3

Director: Rakesh Roshan
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Vivek Oberoi
Music Director: Rajesh Roshan
Lyricist: Sameer

1- Raghupati Raghav - (Neeraj Shridhar, Monali): It's meant to be a dance number. It starts diffirentaly but as the song goes on, it feels strictly average. Nothing special, be it music or lyrics. This song surely will look awesome on screen because of Hrithik's dance abilities, but it has nothing musically. Not impressive. Rating 2/5

2- Krrish Krrish - (Anirudh Bhola, Rajesh, Mamta): It’s supposed to be a racy, mysterious and suspense evoking number and this is anything but that. Enough said. Rating 1/5

3- Dil Tu Hi Bataa - (Zubeen Garg, Alisha Chinoy): It's musically better song specially because of Zubeen's magical voice. Interesting mixture Arabic and eletronica sounds but the whole impact of the song is just OK. Rating 2.5/5

4- You Are My Love - (Mohit Chauhan, Alisha Chinoy): Outdated song. Only refreshing thing in the whole song is Mohit's vocals. Rating 1.5/5

5- God Allah Aur Bhagwan - (Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal): Strictly outdated song. I could hear the song only because of Sonu Nigam and Sherya's vocals. Rating 0.5/5

6- Raghupati Raghav (Remix) - (Neeraj Shridhar, Monali): If you are still expecting something better, you will get disappointed. Rating 1.5/5

7- Dil Tu Hi Bataa (Remix) - (Zubeen Garg, Alisha Chinoy): This remix is in the album only to torture you more. Rating 1/5

NOTE: The worst album by Rajesh Roshan in 15 years.


1 = Poor
2 = Average
3 = Good
4 = Very Good
5 = Excellent


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