The Male Factor Behind The Blockbuster

If Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan owes it to anyone for the record-breaking first day first shows that set the trend of their blockbuster and 200-Crore films, it's men. 81% of audiences on the opening day of a Hindi film are males, a research done by a Mumbai based entertainment industry research and consultancy firm, Ormax Media, has found.

"The Ormax Bollywood Audience Report 2013", a syndicated industry study conducted by Ormax Media also found that nearly every three out of every four movie-goers are under the age of 30. 63% of box office revenue come from viewers aged between 15 years and 29 years, and that money spent on film hoardings is largely a wasteful investment. 

The research conducted in 44 cities over six months covered a total sample size of over 5,000 respondents in two stages.

Some Key Highlights In The Report:

  • 81% of first day audience of Hindi films are males.
  • 63% of box office revenue comes from audience in the 15-29 age group.
  • WOM (Word Of Mouth) spread by friends drives awareness related to new films more than any other medium.
  • Aamir Khan and Vidya Balan emerge as a strong pairing yet unexplored in Bollywood
  • Film reviews don't influence the youth, who would rather believe their friends than reviews.
  • For a sizeable section of the young audience music is more important than the genre/story theme of the film.
  • Family comedies and social message films unite various audiences across India, emerging as common choices for men and women, young and old, metros and small towns.
  • Print ads emerge as the stronges source of awareness for 30+ audience.
  • Money spent on film hoardings is largely a wasteful investment. 
  • Sony and Colors emerge as film audience's most-watched channels.
  • Action ranks no. 2 amongst males but no. 8 amongst females. 
  • 15-29 age group's contribution goes up to 74% for first day Box Office collections.
  • Reviews are particularly important for the big cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata & Gurgaon, but don’t hold much importance in smaller towns.
  • More important for films to be discussed, than just visible. 
  • Amongst the audience segment Quality Conscious Classes (QCC), Aamir Khan & Vidya Balan rank no.1 & 3 respectively!
(Source: Ormax Media, Times Of India)


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