Saturday, 19 October 2013

Boss.. First Three Day Box Office Performance

Boss made below average opening at the domestic box office and collected around 11.9 Cr on Wednesday, the collections faced a routine drop on Thursday as it was a working day and collected around 7.3 Cr. The trade trend on Friday was pretty much similar to that of Thursday, in fact, at some places the collections were better.

The film did average collections at north-centric multiplexes. The collections from mass centres were fantastic and is the key behind film’s whole trade. It did particularly well at circuits like UP, Rajasthan and Nizam. The collections from Delhi were also very good.

According to early reports, the collections has faced a drop on friday and collected around 5.5 Cr.

Wednesday 11.9 Cr
Thursday 7.3 Cr
Friday 5.5 Cr
Total 24.7 Cr

The film’s collections are decent but not enough to justify the face value. The film seems to be heading towards a 40-42 Cr opening (extended) weekend. The collections on monday will be a key factor on what Boss will be collecting at the long run!


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