Krrish 3; Hit or Flop? Box Office Prediction

One of the biggest films of year is going to release next Friday and there are sky-high expectations for it. The film is going to end the the dull period at Box office with a bang. These factors - Hrithik Roshan,
Krissh Series, Hit Trailer are enough to take a bumper opening at box office.

The film is made on a budget of around 110 Crore including P & A cost. The film has alerady recoverd half of its budget from satellite rights, music rights e.t.c. and from disrtributors, including some at record prices e.g. - Andhra Circuit. The film is to going to be widest release ever in India beating Chennai Express - with around 4000+ (including regional versions) screens.

Looking at the records which it will try to beat:

Opening DAY & WEEKEND are very difficult as a non-holiday release & Diwali puja will affect it. First Week is possible but not easy & Lifetime is also achievable with good WOM.

With Universal Acceptance (Excellent WOM)

Day 1 - 29 Crore (Semi holiday due to Dhanteras)
Day 2 - 26 Crore
Day 3 - 18 Crore (National Holiday but Diwali Puja will affect it North India heavily in Evening Shows )
Weekend - 73 Crore
Day 4 - 26Crore (Govardhan holiday)
Day 5 - 15 Crore
Day 6 - 14 Crore
Day 7 - 13 Crore
Week - 141Crore

Lifetime - 210 Crore+ (Blockbuster+)

Mixed Response (Average WOM)

Day 1 - 27 Crore (Semi holiday due to Dhanteras)
Day 2 - 23 Crore
Day 3 - 15 Crore ( National Holiday but Diwali Puja will affect it North India heavily in Evening Shows )
Weekend - 65 Crore
Day 4 – 18 Crore (Govardhan holiday)
Day 5 - 12 Crore
Day 6 - 11 Crore
Day 7 - 9 Crore
Week – 115 Crore

Lifetime - 160 Crore (Super Hit)

Universally Rejected (Worst WOM)

Day 1 - 25 Crore (Semi holiday due to Dhanteras)
Day 2 - 20 Crore
Day 3 - 12 Crore ( National Holiday but Diwali Puja will affect it North India heavily in Evening Shows )
Weekend - 57 Crore
Day 4 – 13 Crore (Govardhan holiday)
Day 5 - 9 Crore
Day 6 - 7 Crore
Day 7 – 5 Crore
Week - 91Crore

Lifetime - 110 Crore (Below Average/Flop)

- R Meena


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