Music Review: Ishk Actually (2013) *Ishq Actually*

Director: Anish Khanna
Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal, Raayo S Bakhirtal & Neha Ahuja
Music Director: Chirantan Bhatt (Track #1,2,3,5,6,7,8), Shahdaab Bhartiya (Track #4), Eddie Avil & Adam Avil (#5) & Dipanjan Guha (#6)
Lyricist: Sanjay Mishra, Niket Pandey, Manoj Yadav, Kunwar Juneja & Eddie Avil

1- Lucky Tonight - (Ann Mitchai & Sanam Puri): Intro beats are awesome, electronica mode after the intro beats. Crazy arrangements. A must listen for the lovers of western music. It will remind you about Priyanka Chopra's My City sometime, but it doesn't spoil the song. Good! Rating 3.5/5

2- Aye Dil Bata - (Arijit Singh): Typical Chirantan Bhatt track. Simple and stuble arrangements. Arjit Singh is superb and his vocals sound enormously brilliant. Lyrics are romantic and meaningful. Not extraordinary but a good song. Worth listening. Rating 3/5

3- Injar Pinjar - Tinku Gill & Megha: A Pre-wedding ceremony. Starts with Dholak with traditional Punjabi lyrics. Then it turns into techno Punjabi groove song. Both singers have done a tremendous job. The sound of beats in the hook line would force you to start tapping your feet. A treat for Punjabi music lovers. Rating 4/5

4- Tum Jo Mile Ishq Me - M Irfan & Chandreyee: It starts with a sweet flute. Beautiful romantic track with simple yet melodious arrangements. Rhythmic beats makes this song a pleasant experience to listen. Young singers Mohammed Irfan & Chandreyee Bhattacharya have done great job. 0.5 extra points for rhythmic beats. Rating 3.5/5

5- Forever More - (Ann Mitchai): The guitar riff which is attached to the basic rhythm is good. Well arranged but somehow the things are not well set in place. Ann Mitchai doesn't impress much in this song. Rating 2.5/5

6- Gia's Theme - (Various Artist): A simple arrangement which is not very impressive. Rating 2/5

7- Lucky Tonight (Club Mix) - (A Mitchai & Sanam): Damn well organised and presented club remix. Dubstep touches in between makes it better than typical club remixes. Rating 4/5

8- Injar Pinjar (Club Mix) - (Tinku Gill & Megha): I believe people who like remix songs, will love it. Personally i think original "Injar Pinjar" is better though. Rating 3.5/5

NOTE: Better album than many big albums in recent times by a sitance. Impressive!


1 = Poor 
2 = Average 
3 = Good 
4 = Very Good 
5 = Excellent


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