Music Review: Sooper Se Ooper (2013) *Sonu Nigam*

Director: Shekhar Ghosh
Cast: Vir Das, Kirti Kulhari & Yudishtir
Music Director: Bikram Ghosh & Sonu Nigam (All Tracks)
Lyricist: Sanjeev Tiwari, Sonu Nigam & Shabbir Ahmed

Expectations: Sonu Nigam is known for his stupendous singing for years. Now he is starting his inning as composer in Bollywood. We wish and hope he may get a unique recognition as a composer as the legendary Kishore Kumar did. The famous Tabla player Bikram Ghosh has joined Sonu Nigam for this job. So expectations are high!

1- Gun Gun Gutar - (Amabarish Das & Parwati Kumari): Traditional Rajasthani melody will keep you engaged throughout. Simple but has a unique kind of essence. Good lyrics. Singers are unknown, must be folk singers and have done great job here. The rhythm is truly awesome. Rating 4/5

2- Behka Behka - (Ash King & Teesha Nigam): Starts with techno style. Mukhra itself increase your expectations. And then you listen female singer's voice, Yes Teesha Nigam, Sonu Nigam's sister, Beautiful voice. But track turns out to be none other than a good remix of the super hit Mr India song Kaate Nahi Katte. The track is not very impressive, but not bad. Rating 3/5

3- Bajan De Dhol - (Mika Singh & Soumya Rao): The arrangements are not very impressive but still sounds good. Soumya Rao's vocals are awesome in this track. Being a Tabla player, Bikram Ghosh has emphasized on the percussion instruments more. Rating 3/5

4- Intaducing Gul - (Gunjan Singh): Item song. Composition is really good, much much better than usual item songs. Echo effect is annoying and the track has sometime 80s feelings which is not good. Sounds change dramatically and some good sounds are used but those sounds are not efficiently used. The song on the whole doesn't work. Rating 2.5/5

5- Whacky Zindabad - (Various Artist): Starts with Shehnaai and enters the techno sound department. It's a children song with catchy lyrics and composition. Damn sweet and innocent vocals. Nevaan’s rap is too good. It sounds lovely. Rating 4/5

6- Sapna Mera - (Sonu Nigam): Finally, the man himself behind the mic. A typical Sonu Nigam-romantic melody. Sonu's vocals are as usual adorable. Composition is good but offers nothing new. Freshness is not there and only Sonu's vocals save the song. Rating 3/5

Review overview:

Freshness.. 2.5/5
Lyrics.. 3/5
Singers.. 3.5/5
Repeat Value.. 3/5


1 - Poor
2 - Average
3 - Good
4 - Very good
5 - Excellent


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