Short Music Review; Satya 2 *Ram Gopal Varma*

Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Cast: Punit Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti & Mahesh Thakur
Music Director: Sanjeev Rathod & Darshan Rathod (Track #2,3,6,8), Nitin Raikwar (Track #1,4,5), Shree D (#7) & Kary Arora (#9)
Lyricist: Kumaar, Nitin Raikwar, Moid Elhaam, Sonny Ravan, Shree D & Kary Arora

1- Tu Nahi - (Leonard Victor & Shweta Pandit): A beautiful romantic song. Nothing new, but still melodious and likeable. Both singers have done good job. Good job by Nitin Raikwar. Rating 4/5

2- Special - (Payel Aditiya Dev): We expected a lot better from Sanjeev Darshan. Composition is so dated. Lyrics are average. Only Sachin Tendulkar and Salman Khan fans will be happy after listening mukhda of the song. Rating 1/5

3- Maangne Se (Title Song) - (Sanjeev, Darshan & Aragh Banerjee): A high on energy title song. A good song for a film based on underworld. Rating 3/5

4- Palkon Se - (Rishi Singh, Shweta Pandit): Nitin Raikwar doesn't disappoint and keep the standards high. Again a beautiful romantic song. Shweta Pandit 's vocals sounds so innocent. The track have kind of feeling of romantic songs of early 2000. Rating 3.5/5

5- Saathi Re - (Rishi Singh & Tishika Jain): A slow love song. Though the song sounds dated, like from late 90s but keep you engaged. Good but not as good as Tu Nahi or Palkon Se. Rating 3/5

6- Taaqat - (Hricha Narayan, Jolly & Sanjeev): Again a gangster song, full energetic but doesn't impress much. Strictly average. Rating 2/5

7- Control - (Sonny Ravan & Shree D): A desi dubstep. A different composition by Shree D. Interesting. Rating 2.5/5

8- Veerani - (Payel Aditiya Dev & Mohd Irfan): Sanjeev-Darshan still live in 90s. Rating 1.5/5

9- Satya Is Back Again - (Arsalaan Akhoon & Kary): Kary Arora who was the first female professional DJ in Delhi, and possibly in all of India, composed this "song". It's more like a remix with some news headlines. Not impressive. Rating 1.5/5


Freshness ... 2/5
Lyrics ... 3/5
Singers ... 3/5
Repeat Value ... 2/5


Note: Only three songs composed by Nitin Raikwar, are good.

1 - Poor
2 - Average
3 - Good
4 - Very good
5 - Excellent


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