Music Review; Jackpot (2013) *Sunny Leone - Naseeruddin Shah*

Director: Kaizad Gustad
Cast: Sunny Leone, Sachiin Joshi & Naseeruddin Shah
Music Directors: Sharib-Toshi (Track #1), Mika Singh (Track # 2), & Remo Fernandes (Track # 3), Sridevi Keshavan, Janaka Atugoda (Track # 4), Juno Reactor (Track # 6), Rahul Bhatt (Track # 7), Itek Bhutani (Track # 9)
Lyricist: Turaz, Azeem Shirazi, Raj Hans, Abhijeet Deshpande

1- Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse - (Arijit Singh): Not a usual Sharib-Toshi stuff, but a really beautiful song. Addictive melody and intelligent composition. Arjit Singh is simply brilliant in this song. Violin which is played enormously throughout the song. A must listen for fans of romantic songs and Arjit Singh. Rating 4/5

2- Full Jhol - (Mika Singh, Akasa Singh): A Mika Singh composition. Beautiful sounds at start but song in itself is not a special one. There is no creativity or any scope for singers. Mika Singh has just put some sounds together. Not impressive. Rating 2/5

3- Bol Bugger Bol - (Remo Fernandes): A rap, and not a good one. Annoying composition though hook line is better, but that's it. Rating 1/5

4- Jackpot Jeetna - (Sunidhi Chauhan): Only some lines of the song are in Hindi, rest of the song is in English. It's a debut song of the two composers Sridevi Keshavan &Janaka Atugoda and they have done a good job. Sunidhi has done an amazing job. Lyrics are not good. Rating 3/5

5- Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse (Remix) - (Arjit Singh): Just some added English lines here and there, otherwise nothing new. It has less impact than the original one. Rating 3/5

6- Jackpot - (Hamsika Iyer): This is basically an instrumental title track. Hamsika Iyer has just background vocals in the track. Arrangements are really good. New Composer has done a good job. If you like theme songs without vocals and like techno arrangements, this one is for you. Rating 3.5/5

7- Eggjactly - (Jaaved Jaaferi): A good rap by Jaaved Jaaferi. Beats are really nice and Jaaved Jaaferi sounds so comfortable in this track. A satire on current situation of country. Amazing lyrics by Jaaved Jaaferi. Listen it for lyrics! Rating 4/5

8- Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse (Female) - (Shreya Ghoshal): A beautiful song, beautifully sung by Shreya Ghoshal. The sound of percussions have been kept mild in this version of the song. And composition seems slower than the male version but still very melodious and beautiful. Rating 4/5

9- Now You See, Now You Dont - (Ramya Iyer): A short English track. Sexy vocals though there was no scope in the track for singing. Nice but too short. Rating 3/5

10- Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse (Remix) - (Arijit Singh): Ok, this will kill your "nasha" of the song. Don't listen to it. Rating 0.5/5

NOTE: A lengthy album with a lot of remixes. New composers have done good job at times, but as Jackpot is not a music friendly movie, so there was not much scope. Romantic track composed by Sharib-Toshi and Jaaved Jaaferi's rap are scorer in this album.


Freshness .. 3.5/5
Lyrics .. 3/5
Singers .. 4/5
Repeat Value .. 2.5/5



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