Priyanka Chopra has hottest legs in Bollywood

10,000 voted for Priyanka Chopra in a recent health poll to bag her the title of the Hottest Legs in Bollywood. Priyanka Chopra, earlier this year, was also tagged with the Sexiest Back in B-town.

The actress is well-known for her sporty, smart and party looks, recently spotted at an award ceremony wearing a red dress which showed off her well-toned legs. Talking about the accolade, Chopra told Deccan Chronicle, “I am flattered to be conferred with the title! The credit for this goes to my gene pool , my trainers and high heels”.

Deepika Padukone bagged no.2 position with slightly less votes.

Kareena Kapoor got 3rd position. Surprizingly, Katrina Kaif was not in top 3, she was no. 4.

Poll results below:


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