24 Romantic Years Of Maine Pyar Kiya

Sooraj Barjatya’s eternal romantic film Maine Pyar Kiya has completed 24 long years since its initial release way back in December 1989. And a mega superstar of Hindi Cinema was born with this classic movie. Maine Pyar Kiya is a tough phenomenon to describe. If you were there when it hit, you know there was no escaping the universal swoonage over Salman.

(YAY for chest hair!!)

Unlike QSQT, which was your classic Romeo & Juliet tale and therefore had a more theatrical feel to it, Maine Pyar Kiya was a very homegrown, very Indian story. Suman was basically the girl every mom wanted her daughter to be and somehow Bhagyashree made being Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes seem incredibly appealing.

And Prem was basically the the stuff of every teenage fantasy – rich, good-looking, chivalrous and ready to do anything and everything for love.

What makes Maine Pyar Kiya such an enduring classic, despite the large doses of cheesiness? We mean, lyrics like “Tum ladki ho, main ladka hoon” or  the entire “Kabootar ja ja ja” scenario would really sink any other movie. But this is Barjatya’s world. And in Barjatya’s world, you do not second-guess the pets, the servants or the songs.

We could go into a whole thesis here about the strange but lovable universe Barjatya creates in his films, paragons of virtue and traditions and relationships of every shape and color that endure, but to be very honest, the reason the most of us return to this movie on a regular basis is because it’s one long and delicious excuse to ogle Salman Khan at his most magnificent.

We mean, just look at this. One frame after another where he just melts your heart.

... And we could just go on..

Salman Khan took Prem a million notches above what the character was, even though the character was already pretty great.

There are so many little scenes peppered throughout – and hidden in between the big set piece scenes we all know like:
  • Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahin hote followed by the most epically sexy saxophone playing ever witnessed anywhere ever.
  • Abhi mood nahin hai (one-armed pushups!!)
  • The Antakshari song (at least 15 re-watches were for this parody alone, we’d never seen anything like it)
  • Chalegi kya? Tu bol na. Daudegi, daudegi maa. (best marriage proposal ever!!)
  • The picturization of Mere Rang Mein – and lessons on how to convey explosive sexual tension that is way sexier than any actual sex scene (let’s just ignore Final Countdown, this is SP Balasubraminiam + Salman and a million times better)
  • And of course, bheege hue note.

This is a movie to be worshipped because it was a whole different era, a completeley different sensibility, a VERY different Salman, a completely innocent and untainted view of love and what it could possibly endure and accomplish if we were all in Sooraj Barjatya’s world.

Would that the world could ever be such an innocent and noble place. But at least, we’ll always have Maine Pyar Kiya.
Thanks for the great input Shakila from Getfilmy.


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