Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Dhoom 3 v Chennai Express; Weekend Comparison

Below is a weekend territorial comparison between Chennai Express and Dhoom 3. The collections in Mumbai and South are similar while the gap is mainly in the Northern, Eastern and Central markets where Dhoom 3 leads. The collections for both films are three days only.

Chennai ExpressDhoom 3
Mumbai30.12 Crore29.86 Crore
Delhi / UP15.85 Crore17.43 Crore
East Punjab6.19 Crore8.77 Crore
West Bengal4.36 Crore5.51 Crore
Bihar1.79 Crore2.39 Crore
Assam/Orrisa1.52 Crore2.35 Crore
CP Berar4.29 Crore4.98 Crore
CI3.10 Crore3.51 Crore
Rajasthan5.02 Crore6.36 Crore
Nizam / Andhra6.20 Crore5.98 Crore
Mysore5.70 Crore5.74 Crore
Tamil Nadu /Kerala3.05 Crore2.88 Crore
Total87.19 Crore95.76 Crore


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