Jai Ho Teaser Review

Mega Superstar Salman Khan launched the trailer of his upcoming film Jai Ho at Chandan Cinema, Juhu yesterday. Here, we shared some exclusive pictures from the event. We, just like everyone, still waiting for official trailer to be released, but in meanwhile we can review the teaser of Jai Ho which released yesterday on Star Gold and Eros Youtube Channel.

Update: Since the teaser launch on Youtube yesterday night, on Eros Channel it has got more than 3,61,000 clicks with more than 8,100 likes. And on Star Gold Youtube Channel, it has got more than 2,62,000 clicks with more than 5,200 likes. In just one day, on these 2 official channels, the teaser has been watched 6,23,000 times and has got 13,300 likes. Incredible! 

Watch the teaser again:


Jai Ho is a remake of Telugu movie 'Stalin' starring Chiranjeevi which was inspired from the Hollywood flick 'Pay It Forward'. The main theme of the movie is to create a nationwide chain to help people. 

Initial Dialogue: The teaser starts with the following dialogue, "Agar Apko Esa Lagta Hai Ke Hum Ne Aap Logoon Par Koi Ehsaan Kiya Hai To Aap Thank You Mat Kehiye, Instead, 3 Logoon Ki Madad Kijiye Aap". Now, these lines have a huge impact and remind you about 'Being Human'. The makers have used this dialogue very intelligently in the start of the teaser. Rating 5/5

Tag Line: "With a good action at times, comes an evil reaction". This tag line defines the theme of the movie. Salman is playing an 'Aam Admi' who is forced to be a people's man and help the people in need. A good line. Rating 4.5/5

The baddies: The negative characters Danny and Santosh Shukla are shown in political attires. They show the "evil reaction", beating up people and attacking Salman Khan's onscreen sister Tabu and saying "Bula Apne Bhai Ko". Santosh Shukla is looking awesome as a baddie and Tabu looking beautiful. Rating 4.5/5

Salman's Entry: Entry of Salman Khan is simply awesome. Rotating his famous bracelet on his finger.. Now this was different and awesome. Rating 5/5

Salman Khan: Glimpses of Salman Khan's action in the second part of the teaser while a massy dialogue playing in the background, "Aam Admi Sota Hua Sher Hai, Ungli Mat Kar.. Jaag Geya To Cheer Phaad De Ga". This dialogue will work big time with masses. Salman is looking extremely fit and handsome as ever. The Salman's roar at the end of the teaser will make Salman fans crazy. Rating 5/5

Action Scenes: Action scenes shown in the teaser, are simply mindblowing. Action scenes are choreographed by Ravi Varma who is one of the best action directors in the south Industry & he's the best stunt director in Kannada film industry if you consider the current times. He recently has choreographed the stunt sequences in R... Rajkumar. To read more about action stunts in Jai Ho and Ravi Varma, Click here. Action scenes in the trailer were impressive and massy. Rating 4.75/5

Total Impact:

Total impact of the teaser is really really good. It has got thumbs up by fans and public generally. Sajid-Wajid are expected to give some chartbuster songs and there are huge expectations from Amal Malik also. Be ready for an exciting treat in late January!


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