Movie Reviews; R Rajkumar (2013) *Shahid Kapoor - Sonakshi Sinha*

Directed byPrabhu Deva
Produced byViki Rajani
Sunil Lulla
Written byShiraz Ahmed (dialogues)
Screenplay byPrabhu Dheva
Sunil Agarwal
Ravi S Sundaram
Story byPrabhu Deva
StarringShahid Kapoor
Sonakshi Sinha
Sonu Sood
Music byPritam (Music Review here.


Bollywood Hungama; Reviewed by Taran Adarsh
R… RAJKUMAR has everything that the hoi polloi looks for in atypical mass entertainers, the problem lies in the fact that there being an overdose of masala films, one can actually foresee what's in store next. The story is done to death, the screenplay is far from inventive and everything seems conventional. Sure, a few moments do keep you glued and hooked to the proceedings, but the waferthin plot and lackluster screenplay plays spoilsport. On the whole, R... RAJKUMAR doesn't work. It is Prabhu Dheva's weakest Hindi film to date! Rating 1.5/5
 Times Of India; Reviewed by Madhureeta Mukherjee
While 'R...Rajkumar' entertains at some levels, it suffers from utter plainness and predictability. The raw action is impressive (Ravi Varma), the songs (Pritam) and the choreography are routine attractions. The second half seems like a sari too long and the comedy is often forced. It has some 'Must Haves' of a pot-boiler, but misses the real thing - a SOLID STORY! Rating 3/5
 Bollywood Life; Reviewed by Prateek Sur
Illogical action sequences and stunts that defy all rules of physics at times that make you wonder if the walls of your house are actually made of bricks and stones or not. In a hurry to make movies which earn more than Rs 100 crore, Prabhu Dheva has lost his touch. Although a good thing about the movie is that Shahid is back to acting. The actor displays the same intensity as he did in Kaminey and the same boyish charm he did in Jab We Met. If you are a die-hard fan of south movies or a bigger fan of their no-brainer potboiler Hindi remakes, then do go for this movie and have a gala time. For the rest, wait for the DVD or better still watch it, free of cost, when it comes on TV. Rating 2.5/5
 Rediff; Reviewed by Paloma Sharma
R... Rajkumar is characterised by the most absurd camera angles. The relentless close-ups are similar to those from Ekta Kapoor's many melodramatic television shows. The director's vision for the film is centered around proving to the audience that Rajkumar is a real (macho) man and pursues it more aggressively than the viewer would have liked.The film begins pretty well and Shahid entertains in bits but there's only so much he can do to make this kind of stuff work. Rating 1.5/5
 Mumbai Mirror; Reviewed by Karan Anushman
As a businessman, Prabhu Dheva has mastered the formula. But how long will the audience want to watch the same content - the same old fight and dance - repackaged over and over with different actors? Ask yourself. R... Rajkumar pushes every Prabhu Dheva trademark element to the max. Rating 2/5
 NDTV; Reviewed by Saibal Chatterjee
A violent action film that has been designed to give Shahid Kapoor a tough-guy makeover, R… Rajkumar is weighed down by just the kind of music-and-machismo formula that worked for Wanted and Rowdy Rathore, but has now lost its edge. Saddled with a scratchy screenplay that goes round in circles, Shahid Kapoor ends up looking more moronic than macho. The screenplay, whatever little there is of it, is mangled heap of nonsense. Logic and good taste are given a wide berth all the way through. For the film, on its part, is pure poppycock. The only place that it should be heading to is the cleaners. Rating 1/5
 Indian Express; Reviewed by Shubhra Gupta
Prabhu Dheva, with an extra 'h' in his name, has designed a film that gives us everything that Bollywood doesn't need at this point: a setting that has no roots (where is this village, who are these people?), an atmosphere brimming with viciousness, crudity, and misogyny (the lead female part is barter between men), and a hero who stands for nothing.I was left asking, why was R.. Rajkumar made? It is nothing but blank putrid noise. R.. for Rubbish. Zero star. Rating 0/5
 India Today; Reviewed by Vinayak Chakravaorthy
With R... Rajkumar, Prabhu Dheva commits his second blunder this year after Ramaiya Vastavaiya. He needn't have made this film. The film does not leave you with a single memorable scene despite its loud effort to impress. Prabhu Dheva clearly loses track of his own film early on. The first half is a jumble and the second seems too long. Rating 2/5
 ZEE News; Reviewed by Gayatri Shankar
R...Rajkumar’ is a vague attempt to produce a film with a variety of emotions, but sadly you will find no trace of any kind of emotion, not even humour. The filmmaker has failed to make even a single moment where the movie viewer connects to any of the movie characters. Watch the film only if you don’t love yourself! Rating 1/5
 Koi Moi; Reviewed by Mohar Basu
R…Rajkumar is unpretentious about stooping to any level to get people to like the film. Unapologetically formulaic fashioned on the typical 80s’ films which are the norm these days, it is crass with no heart to it. All through the film Shahid blabbers Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar ya Maar Maar Maar perhaps asking us to take our pick. The unanimous opinion on this one has to be ‘Maar Maar Maar’ for being the sheer noise it turns out to be! Rating 2/5

 AVERAGE RATING: 1.7/5 - Strictly Average!


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