Movie Reviews; Yaariyan (2014)

Directed byDivya Khosla Kumar
Produced byBhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
StarringHimansh Kohli
Serah Singh
Dev Sharma
Rakul Preet Singh
Nicole Faria
Music byPritam
Arko Pravo Mukherjee
Anupam Amod
Honey Singh (Music Review)

Taran Adarsh (Bollywood Hungama):
The first half of YAARIYAN has its moments of fun, although the narrative tends to go astray at times. However, the writing gets consistent in the post-interval portions. The mountain biking race as also the rock climbing contest is the mainstay of the film. They are brilliantly executed! Prior to that, the tender moments shared by the lead pair works decently well too. On the whole, YAARIYAN has a gripping second half, smash hit musical score and the youthful romance that should lure and entice its target audience -- the youth. A treat for youngsters and young at heart! Rating 4/5
If you are not a college-goer and value your intelligence, then feel free to give Yaariyan a miss. But if you are in school or college and have some free time in your hands, some money in your pocket and plenty of friends in your friend circle then go watch Yaariyan – you might end up grooving to its music and might even end up liking it. It is best enjoyed with few buckets of popcorn and your best buddies. Rating 2/5
 Anupama Chopra (Hindustan Times):
Yaariyan is the spectacularly inept debut of Divya Khosla Kumar. This film is so bewilderingly bad that it hooks you - you keep watching just to see where the incoherent narrative will go next. The plot is foolish. The characters are vapid and the dialogue, superbly comical. it’s stuffed with banal but infectious songs that lodge themselves in your head. I’m going with one star. Rating 1/5
 Madhureeta Mukherjee (Times Of India):
The story has twists and turns, but no surprises. It packs in too much variety of thought bubbles (parties, patriotism, racial discrimination) in this boarding school drama. There are emotions, but the scenes or characters don't go deeper than the gloss, flipping quicker than their touch screen smart phones. The runtime is a tad long and songs (well-shot) one too many.'Yaariyan' is nothing to gush about, but the teenies can watch this one for a lark...and some yo-yo beats! Rating 3/5
 Paloma Sharma (Rediff):
Yaariyan, it was claimed, is a college romance. But if you look closely, you will find that it is not one but several college romances put together such as Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar, Main Hoon Na and Ishq Vishk. Yaariyan may be targeted at a young audience but every single teenager who chooses to watch it will be insulting their own intelligence, writes Paloma Sharma. Rating 0.5/5
 Namrata Thakker (Bollywood Life):
The most important element – the script! There is too much happening at one point and then suddenly there is nothing happening at all beyond the bosom popping. Brilliant actors like Deepti Naval and Gulshan Grover are wasted. Also, newbie Himansh Kholi needs to work on his ever-smiling face. He flashes his million dollar grin in every frame, which soon gets very, very irritating. Watch Yaariyan only if you are bored to death. Or if you’re in college and your hormones are driving you crazy. Everyone else should give this one a miss – you will thank us later. Rating 1/5
 Saibal Chatterjee (NDTV):
Yaariyan seeks to pass off the most putrid and regressive ideas as representative of the thoughts and aspirations of Generation X. Calling Yaariyan silly would be the understatement of the year. It is mind-numbingly idiotic. It is the sort of film that makes Student of the Year look like Au Revoir les Enfants. Yaariyan talks about a whole lot of other things – friendship, trust, patriotism, race attacks and tolerance – but makes no sense at all. It would make perfect sense to give this film a miss. Rating 1/5
 Rohit Vats (CNN IBN):
I personally like the films which highlight the problems of modern youth, but then the designer youngsters of the Hindi film industry don't seem to have one. 1 for the film. 0.5 extra for bringing out the racial hatred towards Indian in Australia. Another 0.5 for songs. Total 2 out of 5. Rating 2/5
Tushar Joshi (DNA):
Yaariyan is a tailor made recipe for the teens, or those who have stacks of Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl DVDs lined up on their shelf. Yaariyan has only one big trump card – its music. The casting is stereotypical and adult jokes and sexual innuendos have been inserted to cater to those battling puberty blues. Strictly for those who want to enjoy the songs on the big screen, the rest can go revisit Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander the best college campus film of all time! Rating 2/5
 Subhra Gupta (Indian Express):
Yaariyan’ is meant to be many things as we keep discovering as we are dragged along its unending length. A youthful college film. A patriotic film that waves the Indian flag in faraway Australia and our own Sikkim. A love story with a fresh pair. And a container for some popular songs. Of all the boxes it tries to tick, this exhausting two-and-a-half hour product does best with the last one. Because for the others, there needed to have been a plot. Rating 1.5/5
 Dainik Bhaskar:
Films based on college life score well at the box office. But Divya Kohsla has gone over the top, staging a film that has the stupidest plot. The biggest drawback of the film is that there is no surprise element. Within first 15 minutes, you will be able to easily predict the entire story. . But you can’t completely write-off Yaariyan. What actually rescues the film is its music. Only for the teenagers and college goers who believe in unbelievable. ‘NO’ to everyone else. Rating 2/5
 Mohar Basu (Koi Moi):
There is no valid reason for you to watch Divya Khosla Kumar’s Yaariyan. It is dull, boring, pathetic and doesn’t seem to get over. Have you ever tried Indian, Italian, American, Continental cuisines all together in the same evening? Trust me the film was a pathetic variation of the same and believe my word, it was a cinematic acidity of sorts which plagues the viewers. Filmmakers please show some respect for the wit of your viewers and your craft and spare us the horror of such movies. Rating 0/5
 AVERAGE RATING: 1.7/5 - Strictly Average!


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