Music Review; Babloo Happy Hai (2014)

Directed by Nila Madhab Panda
Starring Sahil Anand, Erica Fernandes, Anu Choudhury
Music by Bishakh-Kanish, Hard Kaur (Track # 8)
Lyrics: Hard Kaur, Protique Mojoomdar

1- Jimmy Bhand - (Mika Singh, Payal Singh Dev): Starts with tune like an old thrilling movie's background music, but turns into a typical Punjabi song as soon as Mika Singh's vocals are introduced. The track doesn't offer anything new or uniqueness. It reminds you a lot about 'Nagada Baja' from 'Jab We Met'. If you really love Punjabi music, you can give it a chance, otherwise drop it. Mika Singh and Payal Singh Dev were good though. Rating 2.5/5

2- Banjaran - (Sonu Kakkar, Rahul Ram): This track is based on Arabic music. Composition and arrangements are really good. Sonu Kakkar sounds brilliant, while Rahul Ram has not much to do in this song. It misses the spark and commercial touch which 'MashAllah' from 'Ek Tha Tiger' had, but give it  a try if you like Arabic music in Bollywood movies. Lyrics are awesome. Rating 3/5

3- Bade Bade Akshar Mein - (Bishakh Jyoti, Smriti Mishra): Bishakh Jyoti has impressed us earlier in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar 2010 and he is simply brilliant in this song. Smriti Mishra is also a new singer, she had not much to do in the song but she gave this rock based song an arabic feeling. This track starts with heavy rock and takes so much turns. It is without brilliantly composed by Bishakh-Kanish. An inspirational song. Rating 3.5/5

4- Nachte Raho - (Kanish Sharma, Tanya Gupta): Starts on some really interesting notes. A Latin Salsa track. The song kept us reminding of 'Laapataa' from 'Ek Tha Tiger'. The song is a must listen. In this song, the new composers duo, Bishakh-Kanish, has shown their class and skills. Both singers have done good job. Tanya Gupta has really beautiful and refreshing vocals and Kanish Sharma's vocals are really nice too. Rating 4/5

5- Uhe Batiya - (Shankar Mahadevan): A classical song, sung by Shankar Mahadevan. Do we need to say more? This track is truely amazing and it's a shame if it gets unnoticed. Very interesting composition. If you remove Shankar's vocals, it will not sound a classical song because of very different background. Very intelligently composed! Stop reading, Go and listen the song. Rating 4.8/5

6- Popcorn - (Protique Mojoomdar, Aditi Singh Sharma): It was a terrible experience to listen this track right after 'Uhe Batiya'. This was even not a song, sounds more like a remix. Techno tune is good but rest is awful. You will not lose anything if you simply drop it. Or perhaps if you are in love with popcorn, then listen to it. Rating 1.5/5

7- Banjaran - Remix - (Toseif): Not a bad remix but it actually destroys the experience of Arabic music we had in original track and which made the original track beautiful. There was no need to have a remix of this song. Rating 2/5

8- Babloo Happy Hai - (Hard Kaur): Honestly, we were not expecting this track to be so enjoyable. Hard Kaur has shown what she is capable of. The song is not irritating at all and Hard Kaur, as always, is brilliant. Hook line is catchy. A happy feeling track. Rating 3/5

NOTE: Bishakh and Kanish have done an amazing job, They are really talented. 'Uhe Batiya' was alone enough to show what they are capable of. Good luck to them for future projects.


Freshness.. 3/5
Lyrics.. 3.5/5
Singing.. 4.5/5
Repeat Value.. 4/5



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