Music Review; Queen (2014) *Amit Trivedi* - *Kangana Ranaut*

Director: Vikas Bahl
Cast: Kangana Ranaut
Music Director: Amit Trivedi 
Lyricist: Anvita Dutt

1- London Thumakda - (Labh Janjua,Sonu & Neha Kakkar): Full of Punjabi-ness. Typical but beautiful Amit Trivedi beats. The song has potential to be a big hit in Punjabi listeners. Lyrics are quirky and does justice to mood of the track. Labh Janjua does an expectedly exuberant rendition of it with Sonu and Neha Kakkar in tow. Rating 3.5/5

2- Badra Bahaar - (Amit Trivedi): Starts with a majestic brass. Usage of deft strings with the combination of rock guitars makes the track special. Arrangements are praiseworthy. Lyrics are good. Amit Trivedi does a good job behind the mic. Rating 3.5/5

3- O Gujariya - (Shefali Alvares & Nikhil D’Souza): A party track. The song is a routine party song with some Amit Trivedi touch. Shefali is awesome and Nikhil is good. Nothing much to say about the lyrics. Rating 3/5

4- Taake Jhanke - (Arijit Singh): Arijit Singh first time with Amit Trivedi. Nowadays every film album has one quality song, sung by Arijit Singh. This album is not an exception. This track is a guitar-led rock track. Beautiful lyrics by Anvita Dutt and Arijit Singh is 'as usual' brilliant. Beautiful track. Rating 4/5

5- Jugni - (Amit Trivedi): Jugni takes a beautiful start. Anvita Dutt's lines are meaningful and beautiful. The track takes you to a flight into freedom. Music arrangements are impressive, so are Amit's vocals and singing abilities. Rating 4/5

6- Harjaiyaan - (Nandini Srikar): A gradual, haunting buildup to the title hook, MARVELOUS!! Awesome arrangements with Bengali folk touch. This track is simply superb. Nandini Srikar is brilliant and magnificent. Lyrics are too good. A must listen. Rating 4.5/5

7- Kinare - (Mohan Kannan): The composer brings more variety in this track than Jugni, the sitar and trumpet in particular add a fab new element to the song. Mohan Kannan is flawless. A special mention for the lyricst, very poetic and beautiful lyrics. Rating 4/5

8- Ranjha - (Rupesh Kumar Ram): This is a short Punjabi piece with minimal synth background. Rupesh Kumar Ram, who is a debutant, does a heartfelt job with style. Lyrics are amazing. Slow and soothing. Rating 4/5

NOTE: Very beautiful, meaningful and musical album by Amit Trivedi, but only one song 'London Thumakda' can be a massive hit.


Freshness.. 3.5/5
Lyrics.. 4.6/5
Singing.. 4.2/5
Repeat Value.. 3.8/5


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