Music Review; Gulaab Gang (2014) *Madhuri Dixit - Juhi Chawla*

Director: Soumik Sen
Cast: Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Tannishtha Chatterjee
Music Director: Soumik Sen
Lyrics: Neha Saraf (Track # 1, 2, 4), Shreya Narayan (Track # 3), Soumik Sen (Track #7)

Soumik Sen, a multitalented man. He is the writer of this movie, director of this movie, composer of this movie, singer and lyricst (though only 1 song) for this movie. He has shown his writing skills in the movies like Hum Tum Aur Ghost (screenplay & dialogues), Meerabai Not Out (story & screenplay), Ru-Ba-Ru (screenplay) and Anthony Kaun Hai?. He has provided the lyrics for the songs of the movie Ru-Ba-Ru also (lyrics: "Mitti Ki Khusboo, Yeh Fizayeh"). But he is debuting as a music composer first time with Gulaab Gang.

1- Gulaabi – (Malabika Brahma, Shilpa Rao): This track is based on madhyamavathi/megh raag with the perfect arrangements of mild Guitar, Sitar and Sarod. The track is very energetic and tune is catchy. Intensive chorus, along with lead singers, matches the energy of the song in rendition. Malabika Brahma is a debutant but deserves praise for her beautiful singing. Shilpa Rao has never disappointed and she is simply superb in this track also. Lyrics suit perfectly for this kind of track and film. The composer manages to impress us with very first song which is beautifully created. Rating 4.5/5

2- Dheemi Dheemi Si – (Kaushiki Chakraborty, Malabika Brahma): An inspirational track.  The song starts with Guitar strumming and Trumpet. Kaushiki Chakraborty, who is also a debutant, starts the song with her sweet voice. After that, the track turns into a political song as Malabika take the charge. But it is Kaushiki Chakraborty who simply owns the song with her flawlessly nuanced rendition. The composer has arranged the song superbly with impressive use of Dhol, percussion and horns. Neha Saraf's lyrics are spot on. Rating 4/5

3- Sharm Laaj – (Malabika Brahma, Pavni Pandey): An item number with folkish touch. Another debutant Pavni Pandey gets the chance to sing with Malabika Brahma in this track. We know Pavni Pandey from the first season of SaReGaMaPa Li’l Champs where she was among the top 5 contestants. Malabika's singing is not flawless, but energetic for sure. Pavni Pandey gets very small role in the track but she manages to impress us with her angelic vocals. Lyrics are about women's freedom and are well written. Music arrangements are good but not as good they were in first two tracks. Or perhaps the composer has raised the expectations too high with the first 2 tracks?! Rating 3/5

4- Aankhiyaan – (Kaushiki Chakraborty): Very slow and soothing track. The composer keeps it minimal and ambient, letting Kaushiki voice take the centre stage. Kaushiki showcases her strength and the sweet texture of her voice in this solo track. The whole song is on the Guitar chords. In the second half, the flautist deserves the praise for his awesome job. Beautiful lyrics. Extra 0.5 for Kaushiki's flawless singing. Rating 4/5

5- Rang Se Hui – (Kaushiki Chakraborty): A Holi song with yesteryear flavour. The tune is based on Pilu raag. The track is high on energy. This is again a solo song, sung by Kaushiki Chakrborty. Her vocals are heavenly beautiful and sweet and she is surely going to have a wonderful journey in Bollywood as playback singer. She is simply awesome in this track. Rating 3/5

6- Rang Saari Gulaabi – (Madhuri Dixit Nene, Snehalatha Dikshit, Anupama Raag): The song is special as it has Madhuri Dixit and her mother Snehalatha Dikshit behind the mic. The track starts with doddery vocals by Snehalatha Dikshit. Madhuri Dixit does really really well behind the mic, impressive! Anupama Raag has not much to do in the track though she sounds nice. Use of Shehnai is fabulous in the track. Extra 0.5 for Madhuri Dixit. Rating 3.5/5

7- Teri Jai Ho – (Soumik Sen): A tribute to all women. Lyrics are beautiful, really beautiful. The song has melodic base with the breezy strings-led treatment which is well-suited for this type of track. A really nice track to end the soundtrack. Rating 4/5

NOTE: Expectations were not very high when we decided to review the album, but we must admit that Soumik Sen has managed to impress us. A promising Bollywood debut from Soumik Sen as a composer. This album also showed many singers debuting like Malabika Brahma, Kaushiki Chakrborty, Pavni Pandey and Soumik himself. All the singers performed extremely well, specially Kaushiki Chakrborty.


Freshness.. 4/5   
Lyrics.. 4.5/5   
Singing.. 4.5/5   
Repeat Value.. 4/5   


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