Movie Reviews; Highway (2014) *Alia Bhatt - Randeep Hooda*

Directed byImtiaz Ali
Produced bySajid Nadiadwala
Imtiaz Ali
Written byImtiaz Ali
Music byA. R. Rahman
(Music Review Here)
CinematographyAnil Mehta
Editing byAarti Bajaj
StudioWindow Seat Films
Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Distributed byUTV Motion Pictures

Bollywood Hungama (Taran Adarsh):
On the whole, HIGHWAY is a triumph for Alia Bhatt, who delivers a marvelous performance. Also, what you carry home, besides Alia's winning performance, are the stunning visuals, especially towards the second hour. But the treatment of the written material restricts its appeal largely. The connoisseurs of cinema and a tiny segment of the movie-going audience may go ga-ga over the film, but there's precious little for the large base of mass audience that's looking at the entertainment quotient from the maker of hugely admired entertainers like JAB WE MET and LOVE AAJ KAL. Rating 2/5
Overall, Highway is a soul-stirring film that may not rake in the moolah at the box office, but will touch your heart. Watch it for Rahman’s fabulous compositions, brilliant performances and Anil Mehta’s camerawork. Rating 3.5/5
 Hindustan Times (Anupama Chopra):
Highway is a problematic film. Elements in it have great beauty - starting with Anil Mehta’s cinematography. And yet, I left the theater, deeply dissatisfied. The film posits kidnapping as therapy. It tells us: So what if you’ve been abducted, heal yourself as you travel the undiscovered countryside. Given the horror inherent in the situation, this just feels false and fundamentally, wrong. I’m going with two and a half stars. Rating 2.5/5
 Times Of India (Srijana Mitra Das):
Highway is not a sunny, funny road-trip. It is Imtiaz Ali's starkest, darkest work yet.But what stamps this film indelibly is its sheer boldness. At times, Highway feels like an unending Bharat darshan, a long look at suffering souls through several deserts and eucalyptus trees. But some meandering is its only flaw. Watch it for its cathartic creativity.Highway is not an easy ride. But it offers fresh breezes and new sights. Rating 3.5/5
 Bollywood Life (Vinod Talreja):
As said earlier, Highway has everything. Stunning visuals, riveting backround score, peppy songs and good performances by the lead actors. All it lacks is a strong and believable plot. We just wish it was more practical and realistic. On the whole, Highway is just a holiday trip that is being narrated and nothing else. It’s your choice – if you wanna give it a miss or then go drive along this highway. Rating 2/5
 Rediff (Sukanya Verma):
Highway isn’t merely concerned with cataloguing the virginal, versatile landscapes of Northern India. Often it’s the only ray of cheer to offset the grimness concealed within two wounded souls. Highway, he uses travel like artistry, a narrative form to unfold the adventures of its two leading protagonists learning (and unlearning) a few precious lessons about the capricious course life follows when tackled head-on. Rating 3/5
NDTV (Saibal Chaterjee):
It has many a moment that is endearing and exquisitely etched, but the film is not always engaging enough to be able to offset the occasional inertia that stems from its lack of physical action. But doubtless, Highway is a must watch as much for what it is as for what it isn’t. It is not a typical romantic drama, nor an average love story. It is a road movie with a difference. Highway dishes out a trip that is definitely worth the price of the ticket. Rating 3/5
 One India (Vaishak):
In Highway, Imtiaz Ali proved that he has a refined understanding of the medium. Especially, the second half doesn't have much dialogues and the whole story is conveyed through the beautiful blend of visuals and background music. While anyone can easily make a dialogue driven film, only a talented director can make film that speaks with its visuals. Rating 3.5/5
 Roger Ebert (Danny Bowes):
For, whatever else can be said about it in terms of it working or not working, "Highway" is a kind of film there should be more of: an impeccable display of craft, with both a brain and heart, that tries something new. Its peaks are wonderful; the one among which not yet mentioned being "Pataka Gudhi," the song immediately post-interval, the proverbial "good A.R. Rahman song," which textually coincides perfectly with Veera's first realization of her complete freedom from her stultifying home life. If not for the film's tendency to drift off into the ether to the complete loss of all its momentum and purpose, and for the horribly awkward conclusion, "Highway" might be a very good movie indeed. Instead, it's an inconsistent, if intermittently splendorous, work. There are, to be perfectly clear, far worse things in life. Rating 2.5/5 (Rashmi Mishra):
Amidst the burden of huge expectations, Imitiaz Ali is back to mesmerize the audiences with Highway. The story of Veera and Mahabir played by Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda respectively does not claim anything we have not been seen before, but they certainly portray something magical unfolding before our eyes. The Sajid Nadiadwala production with A R Rahman’s music takes you on a journey which ends before reaching its destination but leaves you with some unforgettable memories. Rating 3.5/5
 Mid-Day (Shubha Shetty-Saha):
The film's powerful, yet deliciously subtle script (Imtiaz Ali) attempts to break down the mental walls surrounding our perception and preconceived urban notions of safety, happiness and love. Yes, this film is not about pandering to what you think should happen next, or how one should react under certain circumstances. The script takes its own course: sometimes rough, sometimes uncomfortable, but always exciting. And therein lies the beauty of the film. The most beautiful journeys are almost always the unplanned and unanticipated ones. Rating 4/5
AVERAGE RATING: 3/5 - Absolute Recommendation!

Rating Overview: 
0.0 - 0.9 - Better dying than watching it.. 
1.0 - 1.4 - Skip it.. 
1.5 - 1.9 - Skip it if possible.. 
2.0 - 2.4 - Watch only if you have nothing else to do.. 
2.5 - 2.9 - Only one time watch.. 
3.0 - 3.4 - Absolute Recommendation! 
3.5 - 3.9 - A Must Watch! 
4.0 - 4.4 - Watch before you die.. 
4.5 - 5.0 - A Masterpiece..


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