Music Review; Shaadi Ke Side Effects (2014) *Pritam* *Farhan Akhtar - Vidya Balan*

Director: Saket Chaudhary
Cast: Farhan Akhtar & Vidya Balan
Music Director: Pritam Chakraborty
Lyricist: Amitabh Bhattacharya (Track #1, 8), Swanand Kirkire (Track #2, 4, 5, 6), Mayur Puri (Track #3, 7)

Expectations: Pritam has been a hit machine for last some years. Every single album composed by him, has some chartbuster songs. He has not only won hearts of aam janta, but he has gotten appreciation from critics also after Barfi! and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Expectations are always high when Pritam is the composer. We are excited and looking forward to listen and review the album.

1- Harry's Not A Brahmachari - (Jazzy B, Divya Kumar, Ishq Bector): A very energetic track with Punjabi elements. There is overdose of techno elements in the track though. Lyrics are quirky and Jazzy B and Divya Kumar have done a brilliant job. Ishq Bector does justice to his rapping job. Fans of Jazzy B and Divya Kumar are going to love the track and it will be a huge hit in Punjab among party-goers. Rating 3/5

2- I’m Sorry Par Tumse Pyar Ho Gaya (The Hey Song) - (Nikhil Paul George, Neeti Mohan, Mili Nair): An addictive track. It has festive arrangement and rich on brass and violins. The song is composed in same composition style as 'Barfi!' but it will surely remind you of 'I Love You' from 'Bodyguard' also. Very well composed song. Superb lyrics by Swanand Kirkire. Amazingly sung by Nikhil Paul George who has the main job in the track, very well supported by Neeti Mohan and Mili Nair. A must listen! Rating 4.5/5

3- Tauba Main Vyaah Karke Pachhtaya - (Shahid Mallya, Poorvi Kautish, Alam): Starts with traditional marriage tunes. The arrangement features some fab use of shehnai, built around the wedding template. Music arrangements are superb with Punjabi beats. The track is inspired by a Punjabi folk track Main Te Viah Karke Pachtaya by late Alam Lohar. The beautiful thing is that they have retained the owner of the song Alam Lohar. Shahid Mallya is in top form. Lyricst Mayur Puri has written very funny and good lyrics. Rating 4/5

4- Desi Romance - (Arijit Singh, Suchi): This track has a really a lot to offer. Where should we start from? We start from singers. Suchi, we remember her from the song Jagao Mere Des Ko by A.R. Rahman in Coke Studio season 3, does a fab job, very impressive and she sounds so heavenly good. Arijit Singh has done justice to club part of song. Both are actually flawless in their singing. The track starts with classical lines, sung by Suchi, but entres to club mode with Arijit Singh. Very energetic track as heavy techno tunes are being introduced in the 2nd half of the track. A club song with classic touch. Rating 4/5

5- Yahaan Vahaan - (Farhan Akhtar): Starts with guitar tunes. Soothing and very likeabe melody. Multi-talented Farhan Akhtar gets the job behind the mic and though it's not a typical Farhan Akhtar-track but he does full justice to it with confidence. This is perhaps the first time Farhan Akhat has sung a song very smoothly, without his husky voice. Listen it for Farhan Akhtar! Rating 3.5/5

6- Bawla Sa Sapna - (Mohit Chauhan): A cute story of Sapna and his son Sapnu. Beautiful lyrics with great poetic values and meanings and exceptionally well sung by Mohit Chauhan. Beautifully played strings with an interesting Caribbean undertone. Very soothing and lovable. Rating 4.5/5

7- Tauba Main Vyaah Karke Pachhtaya (Punjabi Version) - (Arif Lohar, Shahid Mallya, Poorvi Kautish, Alam): Arif Lohar vocals are more energetic than Shahid Maalya's vocals and Arif Lohar suits perfectly for this kind of Punjabi songs. Mayur Puri, the lyricst, deserves a lot of praise for such funny, entertaining and comical lyrics. Rating 4.2/5

8- Harry’s Not A Brahmachari (The Original Song) - (Jazzy B, Divya Kumar, Ishq Bector): This track is the trailer track people were waiting for. This track sounds much better than the other one. Jazzy B's high pitched voice makes the track superb for all Punjabis, while Divya Kumar brings the classical touch to the track. This version has more rap by Ishq Bector than the other one. Amitabh Bhattacharya's lyrics are witty and spot on. Rating 4/5

9- Bawla Sa Sapna (The Children Come To Sing) - (Diva, Mohit Chauhan): Can you believe this song is sung by a 5-years old girl? Yes, Diva is only 5 years old and she is the daughter of a Bengali Singer, Pritha Majumdar. We were blown away how perfectly she has sung the song. She has managed it brilliantly with giving right expressions. Piano has been as the main instrument in this version. Rating 4.5/5

10- Yahaan Vahaan (Reprise) - (Farhan Akhtar): This version has much electric touch. Not so soothing as the original version but this one has more Pritam-touch. Electric guitars, used in this version, are so addictive. Farhan Akhtar is as good as he is the previous one. Rating 3.5/5

11- Harry's Not A Brahmachari (Remix By Dj Angel) - (Jazzy B, Divya Kumar, Ishq Bector): Good remix though we don't like remixed songs. But this one was not bad. If you like remix, give this one a try. Rating 4/5


Freshness.. 4/5 
Lyrics.. 4.5/5 
Singing.. 4.5/5 
Repeat Value.. 4/5 



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