Music Review; Total Siyapaa (2014) *Ali Zafar - Yami Gautam*

Director: E Niwas
Cast: Ali Zafar & Yami Gautam
Music Director: Ali Zafar 
Lyricist: Ali Zafar, Kumaar, Aqeel Rubi, Bulleh Shah

1- Total Siyapaa - (Ali Zafar): The track starts with some dialoguebaazi between Ali Zafar & Kirron Kher which we have watched in the trailer. The song, as it is a title track, describes the madness and 'Siyapaa' of the film. It is, along with the quirky lyrics, dialogues and sounds, is good fun. The track has remix-y feeling and has punjabi touch which is mostly in background. Ali Zafar's vocals are beautiful and this type of tracks suit his singing style. It is super fun with its catchy tune, light-hearted lyrics and the earlier-said dialogue snippets. Rating 3.5/5

2- Palat Meri Jaan - (Ali Zafar): A very well composed track. A beautiful ballad. Ali Zafar has written the song himself and lyrics are good. Ali Zafar has limitations in his singing which are apparent in this track, specially in high notes. But he deserves all the praise for his composition. Rating 3.5/5

3- Nahi Maloom - (Ali Zafar & Fariha Parvaiz): The only song in this album which is a duet. The track has a captivating Middle-Eastern + Latino blend sound which sounds beautiful. There is a heard-before feeling but it doesn't make it less engaging. It is a delight to hear those guitars and accordions. Ali Zafar and Fariha Parvaiz, both have done commendable job behind the mic. Beautiful lyrics and tune are overall very catchy. Rating 4/5

4- Asha - (Ali Zafar): A playful love song. Ali Zafar has used a reggae template in this track and delivers a nice, winsome song. The song is praiseworthy both because of singing, lyrics and composition. Rating 3.5/5

5- Chal Bulleya - (Ali Zafar): This is the most serious track of the album. Meaningful Punjabi lyrics of Baba Bulleh Shah which every Punjabi relates to. Composition is slow, nothing special in composition. Ali Zafar's singing falters little bit in this track also. Rating 2.5/5

NOTE: Ali Zafar is offering a good demonstration of his multifacetedness in this entertaining soundtrack. Some missteps here and there, but overall decent job for this kind of film.


Freshness.. 3/5  
Lyrics.. 3.5/5  
Singing.. 3.5/5  
Repeat Value.. 3.5/5  


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