Music Review; Youngistaan (2014) *Jackky Bhagnani - Neha Sharma*

Director: Syed Ahmad Afzal
Cast: Jackky Bhagnani & Neha Sharma
Music Director: Jeet Ganguly (Track  # 1), Sneha Khanwalkar (Track # 3,5), Shiraz Uppal (Track # 2,4), Shree Isshq (Track # 6)
Lyricist: Syed Ahmad Afzal, Hard Kaur, Jackky Bhagnani, Kausar Munir, Sonny, Shiraz Uppal, Shakeel Sohail

1- Suno Na Sangemarmar - (Arijit Singh): A beautiful romantic track and who can sing a romantic song better than Arijit Singh? Suno Na Sangemarmar is the Hindi adaptation of Ki Kore Toke Bolbo from the Bengali movie Rangbaaz. Arijit Singh sounds beautifully and it feels that this song is made only for Arijit Singh. Arijit-fans are going to love this one. Lyrics are nicely written. Rating 4/5

2- Mere Khuda - (Shiraz Uppal): This track is composed and sung by talented Pakistani music composer Shiraz Uppal, who has worked with music maestro A. R. Rahman also. 'Mere Khuda' is based on generic Pakistani pop tunes, though arrangement here is more clear and beautiful. This is a beautifully composed track. Shiraz Uppal does not disappoint behind the mic. Lyrics are meaningful and really nice. Rating 4/5

3- Tanki (Mika Version) - (Mika Singh, Bhavin Dhanak, Apeksha & Sneha Khanwalkar): A song composed by Indian Skrillex, Sneha Khanwalkar, and she starts from there she left in Gangs of Wasseypur, atleast some strange sounds are there. We loved Sneha's compositions in Oye Lucky Oye & GOW, but after hearing this track, you feel disappointment. It seems a confuse attempt to create a youthish song. Lyrics are below average. Rating 2/5

4- Daata Di Diwani (Qawwali) - (Rafaqat Ali Khan & Shiraz Uppal): Shiraz Uppal's composition seems to be inspired by A.R.Rahman's Qawwalis which takes it to a another level. Sung beautifully by Rafaqat Ali Khan & Shiraz Uppal. Soofi-ism at it's peak and very effectively it takes you into another world. Beautiful stuff! Singers, composer, lyricist everyone deserve huge applaud for this one. Rating 4.5/5

5- Tanki (Bhaven Version) - (Hard Kaur, Apeksha Dandekar & Sneha Khanwalkar): We were very excited for Sneha's compositions before listening to this soundtrack, but she fails to impress this time. We still like the start of both versions, but after first 40 seconds, the tracks (both versions) enter into a strange zone. Rating 2/5

6- Youngistaan Anthem - (Shree D & Ishq Bector): Uninteresting because of lack of originality. Bad try to make an energetic anthem to cater youth. Bad. Rating 1/5

7- Suno Na Sangemarmar (Remix) - (Arijit Singh): First of all we have to tell that we are not fans of remixes at all. And this time also, we feel that remix version kills the beauty and innocence of the original track. Rating 2.5/5

8- Youngistaan Anthem (Remix) - (Shree D & Ishq Bector): Well, what can we say.. Rating 0.5/5

NOTE: Shiraz Uppal and Jeet Ganguly have made this soundtrack bearable. Actually, they were really really very good.


Freshness.. 6/10
Compositions.. 6.5/10
Lyrics.. 6/10
Singing.. 7/10
Repeat Value.. 5.5/10




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