Online leaks of ‘Jai Ho’ damaging collections!!

In what appears to be the first such jolt for a Khan flick in the history of Bollywood’s Internet leaks, Salman Khan’s Jai Ho — the entire 2hr 17 min movie — has found its way online within just days of its ­theatrical release. 

A pirated print of the film, which was released on January 24 this year, was uploaded on YouTube by a Dubai-based user on January 28. The video had 1,08,151 views till the time it was taken off by the video-sharing site on Saturday night. Surprisingly, a better print of the film was put up on Sunday morning. And right now, it has more than 4,40,000 views.

Trade analyst Amul Mohan is quoted by Hindustan Times, “If the pirated print of Jai Ho reached over 1 lakh views online, the film must have lost approximately `10-12 crore within four days”. It means 4 and half lakhs mean loss of approx. 40 crore.

The story doesn't end here. On Torrent websites, DVD Src Rip was available at Friday night immediately after release and early Saturday, 2nd day of release of Jai Ho, DVDrip with great audio quality was also available on internet. While downloading movie on internet is not a popular choice for masses but for urban audience it is. Jai Ho downloads were much higher than other films. When checked on 26th January, Sunday, there were active 14,000 downloaders in last one hour for Jai Ho. To keep things in perspective, there were 25,000 downloaders for Dhoom 3 in 5 hours when it was available after some weeks of it's release.

Just to make things even worse for Jai Ho, local TV channels in Mysore started back to back telecasting DVD print of Jai Ho yesterday. There are the same reports about Northern regions also. It destroyed the 2nd weekend growth of Jai Ho.

This pirated leaks appear to be the fastest ever. Whilst other films eventually get leaked, it seems the fate of ‘Jai Ho’ may have been damaged by the speed of this one. 

Salman’s publicist seemed ­distressed and refused to comment, and sources say that the makers, too, are disturbed and believe this could be a reason for the film’s under-­performance at the box office. 

The pirated ­versions spread like wildfire throughout the ­weekend, giving rise to buzz that this may be one of the reasons behind the film’s average business despite Sallu’s huge ­fan ­following. 

Well, it’s really very unfortunate not only for Salman Khan and makers of Jai Ho, but for the whole industry. While the industry is seen to combat piracy, one wonders how this kind of activity will be avoided in the future.


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