I Follow Humanity, Islam And Charity, Says Salman Khan at The India Today Conclave 2014

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan spoke candidly, danced and sang  at the India Today Conclave 2014 in New Delhi on Saturday despite some uncomfortable moments. (Read til the end to find out what we are talking about).

The session started extremely well. Salman Khan spoke open heartedly spilling his future plans of Being Human. His vision to give his fans something back was simply outstanding. He told that he tries to do good work. He does the work partially because he wants to hide from the guilt for things he's done in his past. Also out of fear, that if he doesn't do this the universe will take it back from him somehow. And he honestly says that some things he does so that he can change his image, and some come straight from the heart. The one closest to him is his work with Fortis that helps children with heart diseases. 

He told further that his facebook fans & twitter fans will be hired by his Being Human's clothing stores. 40+ Being Human stores are opening up & his requirement per store is 1 differently abled person & 4 abled people. All the Being Human stores will follow this rule strictly where differently abled people have been recruited. Apart from his own Being Human, he also revealed that the brands he endorse like Coca Cola, Suzuki, Videocon & others have joined hands with Salman Khan to hire people from his facebook official page for the jobs created.

Some Highlights:
  • "I was really scared coming to the Conclave. I was relieved to see I was not on the couch with Koel, but a chair so I felt a bit comfortable. Darr tha mujhe Puri kha jaaye"
  • "I love being single. I love this phase of my life. I don't like being nagged and told what to do."
  • "Adopt? Maybe I can donate sperm. Salman Donor. The most charitable thing I can do."
  • After Salman says the thing he's missed out on most is having children, Koel Purie Rinchet responds, "But that can happen anytime. I'm not offering."
  • If Salman Khan was cloned, "What would I do with an army of Salman Khans? One is more than enough."
  • "In this industry we go through a lot of getting. We don't give back. Helping people find jobs is a way to give back to our fans little by little.
  • Koel asks Salman to speak in English. Salman insists on speaking Hindi for his fans. She asks him what his English speaking fans will think. To which he responds, "They speak Hindi."
  • Salman Khan's wedding ad would read, "Swaagat Hai Aapka, meri zindagi mein. Shubh Ratri."
  • Upon being called a "Family Man", Salman Khan's describes his life as a huge toll on his parents. They are proud of his success but from the time he was a child he feels he's given them a lot of grief. They have had to hear horrible things about him and seen him go to jail. He thinks if he hadn't put them through that his father would look like Salman today and his mother like Koel Purie.
  • In Karan Arjun Salman and Shah Rukh had to play brothers from 2 different lifetimes. Salman says the only way to do it is if he really felt about Shah Rukh as a brother, which at the time he did. He says that that time can come again.
  • Salman's place in Mumbai is famous as an open house where people show up at all hours of the night. Koel recounts an incident of being served biryani at 3 am during a visit. She asks him how he keeps his weight down now. He says he's stopped that now, "Now I just smell the Biryani and I put on weight."
  • Salman doesn't move out of the house where he lives with his entire family because his father loves his balcony and won't move and Salman doesn't want to live away from his father. But now he shares the ground floor with two men named Mohan and Dilip who look after his nutrition and his health and he just doesn't have room for himself anymore. "It's getting small and I'm getting bigger," he says.
  • On his religion, "I follow humanity, Islam and charity."

Despite all these superb initiative, it was disappointing the way Salman was treated in the end. The program organizers prematurely planned for an auction where the generated money would be used for charity. The auctionable thing was Salman's shirt which he was wearing & the people were asked to start quoting the price which started from 5k & Koel, the anchor kept on forcing Salman to take his shirt off, which went on till the end of the program. 

Sure, Salman gave a reply when he said he doesn't want them to raise any money for his charity instead he asked them to raise money for the gentleman's NGO who was present their & whose aim was to build toilets for women in India. Their target was huge but despite all the stupidity around, Salman took control & raised money from 6 elite group of business people who agreed to help in building 100 toilets each. Considering the sad state in India for women, it was good to see Salman achieving the number of 600 in the less than 20 mins in between all the fiasco. Salman Khan's magnetic appeal helped raise more than 12 Lakh Rupees to construct more than 600 toilets in India to help with the sanitation drive. All Conclave sponsor jumped in pledging to build 100 toilets. For all that, Salman agreed to unbutton his shirt and show off his 6-pack.

Another bad part happend when a woman came up the stage with money in her hand & hugged Salman Khan. What was that all about? It was told later that she paid 10k for the hug. Then another woman came up where someone in the crowd told loudly that it was her birthday today. Salman happily hugged her & wished her happy birthday but Ms. Koel, asked that lady for the money, out loud on the mike. How ridiculous was that?

And due to several pleadings by Koel to Salman to take his shirt off, Salman finally turned the tables & asked Koel to make her tv channel "Aaj Tak" to give the money based on the TRP Salman's gonna raise for them. 
At the end of the day, it was Salman Khan who got all the respect. But from the arrangers' part, it was classic example of Salman Khan's generosity being misused.

Some Exclusive Pictures Below (Thanks To Conclave.intoday.in):

(Written with the input from Suhas and Conclave.intoday.in)


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