Movie Reviews; O Teri (2014) *Pulkit Samrat - Bilal Amrohi*

Directed byUmesh Bist
Produced byAtul Agnihotri
Written byUmesh Bist
Neeti Palta
Narrated bySalman Khan
StarringPulkit Samrat
Bilal Amrohi
Sarah-Jane Dias
Sara Loren
Mandira Bedi
Music byGJ Singh (Music Review)
CinematographyGanesh Rajavelu
Editing byDevendra Murdeshwar

Bollywood Hungama (Taran Adarsh):
The plot of O TERI had the potential to explore the murky games that politicians play. Handled adroitly, the outcome could've been revealing and rewarding. But O TERI spends too much time and footage on inconsequential things, which deviates your attention from the core issue. While the first hour is engrossing in parts -- a few episodes are amusing -- the graph of the movie spirals downwards in the post-interval portions. Reasons: the humor is banal, the laughs are missing, the writing lacks meat, the sequence of events leading to the culmination just don't work. On the whole, O TERI had the potential to be a smart take on political scams and corrupt bureaucrats, but, unfortunately, the film crumbles thanks to a shoddy screenplay. Rating 1.5/5
 Bollywood Life (Prathamesh Jadhav):
All in all, O Teri is a movie made with a refreshingly different concept that has been completely butchered by a shoddy execution. If taking a dig at politics and corrupt system gives you a high, we suggest you to stick to a news bulletin instead! Rating 1.5/5
Times Of India (Srijana Mitra Das):
O Teri's story picks up recent corruption scandals, mashing these with classic cinematic takes on scams. Familiar themes are deployed, including a laash that keeps vanishing and popping up, CDs of mantras and phone tapping that get confused, collapsing bridges, spiraling behind-the-scenes deals, etc. Amidst this, PP and AIDS, all biceps, cleavage and no brains, struggle to stay alive - and get famous. Given these elements, O Teri could have been bitingly hilarious, but it isn't. The overburdened story unravels under a palpable nervousness to please all. Overall, the direction of O Teri simply loses the satirical plot, leaving you sighing, jaane bhi do yaaron. Rating 2.5/5
 NDTV (Saibal Chaterjee):
O Teri is a hard-to-classify film. In fact, one isn’t even sure it can be called a film. It is a loud, over-the-top, mindless caper masquerading as political satire. In other words, it is a variation on Jai Ho, drastically watered down and given a slapstick makeover. So mind-numbingly daft is this concoction that it makes the Salman Khan starrer released early this year look like a masterpiece of subaltern agitprop. O Teri is only for those that are of tough disposition or are blessed with the ability to take any load of bunkum in a darkened movie hall.Conclusion: Aw shucks, what a piece of shuck. O Teri sucks. Rating 1/5
 Rediff (Raja Sen):
From snatches of dialogue (about adulterated cement) to plot-points (about disappearing corpses), even lifting bits of the background score to try and underscore its salutation, O Teri borrows constantly from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro and drowns it all in slapstick so noisy it all comes off as more lame than loving, more blasphemous than beholden. Rating 1.5/5
 Bollywood 3 (Neha Prashar Gupta):
Overall, ‘O Teri’ is no good of a film and has a lot of flaws. It had the potential of a powerful storyline and a good execution could have done wonders, but sadly the film ends up in a mess. Just stay away from it. Rating 1/5
 Indian Express (Shubhra Gupta):
Full disclosure : I ran for my life in about an hour from this atrocity which calls itself a film, but which is nothing but a series of dismal, embarrassing scenes interspersed with songs that are even more so.The jokes are puerile, the gags flat. Veteran Anupam Kher hams it up, so does Vijay Raaz. There was nothing to hold me back, not even Ms Bedi in her noodle straps. Dhat teri. Rating 0/5
 Daily Bhaskar:
It’s a film where a decent story idea is horribly executed. A film where a dead body keeps smiling for days and doesn’t decompose. A film where the lead character’s name is AIDS. A film where everything is so exaggerated that it goes over the top at times. O Teri doesn’t deserve your hard earned money. News debates on TV are more entertaining than this spoof on corruption. Rating 1.5/5
 Mid-Day (Shubha Shetty-Saha):
The film is supposedly a 'satire' on scams, politics and media, among other things. But, owing to the poor script, it doesn’t qualify as one. This film, directed by Umesh Bist and produced by Atul Agnihotri, is not what you should be heading to watch this weekend. Even though I am not very happy to say this, you might as well watch Jai Ho on DVD, if your sole purpose is to ogle at Salman Khan on screen. Rating 1.5/5
 Koi Moi (Mohar Basu):
O​ Teri is a sheer waste of time. Beaded with abrupt song sequences, zero screenplay and Bilal Amrohi’s horrifying acting, this film molests the essence of the classic Jane ​Bhi ​Do ​Yaaron by adapting it so shamelessly. The budding Woodward and Bernstein in question here are a total waste which is enough reason why you shouldn’t even consider wasting your weekend over this film which isn’t any better than crass. Rating 0.5/5
 India Glitz (Vishal Verma):
The script and the narrative turn strange bedfellows not at all willing to initiate, co-operate, or do anything to fare this better from a disjointed humdrum ho hummer lacking the bravura necessity of novelty in such genre to bring the country's corruption fully to life on screen to lure decent critical reception and viewer's interest. Continuing further will be a criminal offence of ruining your trendsetter masterpiece dobaara.. Am ending it up by saying these two words on behalf of 'O Teri' people - Very Sorry. Rating 1/5


Skip It..!


0.0 - 0.9 - Better dying than watching it..  
1.0 - 1.4 - Skip it..  
1.5 - 1.9 - Skip it if possible..  
2.0 - 2.4 - Watch only if you have nothing else to do..  
2.5 - 2.9 - Only one time watch..  
3.0 - 3.4 - Absolute Recommendation!  
3.5 - 3.9 - A Must Watch!  
4.0 - 4.4 - Watch before you die..  
4.5 - 5.0 - A Masterpiece.. 


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