Music Review; Ankhon Dekhi (2014)

Director: Rajat Kapoor
Cast: Sanjay Mishra, Rajat Kapoor
Music: Sagar Desai
Lyrics: Varun Grover

1- Aaj Laagi Laagi Nai Dhoop - (Kailash Kher): Very soulful and soothing track. The composition has folkish touch and arrangements are really good. While listening to the song, we felt like we were sitting in a village with some villagers in a cold winter morning and they were singing this song. Kailash Kher has done his job really well behind the mic. Lyrics are good. Rating 3.5/5

2- Aayi Bahaar - (Kailash Kher): A wonderful track with classic touches and great music arrangements. A perfect choice for Kathak dance. The entire song is based on rhythmatic four beats. Use of Violin makes the track very interesting and jugalbandi betwwen violin and tabla sounds so amazing. Lyrics are praiseworthy and perfect. Kailash Kher's singing is simply awesome. Rating 4/5

3- Kaise Sukh Soyein - (Ronkini Gupta): A pure classical track. If you love classical music, you simply can't afford to miss this one. A track which has potential to blow your mind. Ronkini Gupta's singing is flawless and deserves appreciation. You need to listen to this song yourself and experience the 'jadoo' of classical music. Rating 4.5/5

4- Yaad Saari Baari Baari - (Kailash Kher): A beautiful track. The composition is not very different from the first two songs of the soundtrack which are also sung by Kailash Kher, but here it's more delightful with a lot of Tabla beats. Varun as lyricst has done an amazing job, beautiful lyrics. A typical Kailash Kher track but very enjoyable. Rating 4/5

5- Hakka Bakka - (Shaan): This is a fun and masti track about marriage and it's after effects. A hilarious track. Use of Shehnai gives a shadi-feeling. Shaan as singer has done marvelous job as it's is probably first time he has turned into 'Himesh' and goes nasal. Sounds very different and good though. Rating 3.5/5

6- Dheeme Re Re - (Mansheel Gujral): Another slow and soothing track. This is basically a mother’s message to her daughter before 'rukhsati'. Mansheel Gujral's soulful singing adds a lot to the song. Both composer and lyricst deserve a lot of applause for this beautiful track. Rating 4/5

NOTE: A special soundtrack with a classic soul.

Freshness.. 7.5/10 
Compositions.. 9.5/10 
Lyrics.. 9.5/10 
Singing.. 9/10 
Repeat Value.. 8.5/10



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