Shaadi Ke Side Effects; Huge Growth On Saturday

Shaadi Ke Side Effects showed huge growth on Saturday as it collected around 7.25-7.50 crore nett adding to the 5.25-5.50 crore nett on Friday and taking its total to around 12.75 crore nett. The growth was phenomenal in most circuits as most circuits showed 40% growth.

Delhi/UP and East Punjab which actually had decent collections on Friday rose 40% and even circuits like CPCI were showing 40% more collections. The collections on Friday may have been held back a bit by the Indi v Sri Lanka cricket match.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects will emerge a success and possibly even a hit but has a long way to go for that due costs being pretty high. The business today could be hit big-time as the keenly awaited Indo-Pak match is taking place right now.



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