Special Feature; Aamir Khan Movie Clashes

This article is written by our friend Suhas and we thank him for all his hardwork and research. Courtesy: ItsBoxOffice Forum
-29th Apr 1988
-21st Apr 1989
4th Aug 1989
11th May 1990
25th May 1990

Opening: Excellent

Opening: Excellent
22nd June 1990
20th July 1990
17th Aug 1990
26th Apr 1991
12th July 1991
-3rd Jan 1992
-22nd May 1992
28th Aug 1992
14th May 1993
23rd July 1993
11th April 1994

Opening: Above Average
14th Apr 1995

Hulchul Opening: Average
4th Aug 1995

Opening: Good
-8th Sept 1995

Opening: Average

Opening: Good
30th Nov 1995

Opening: Excellent
-15th Nov 1996

Opening: Excellent
28th Nov 1997

Opening: Good
-19th June 1998

Opening: Good
-30th Apr 1999

Opening: Good
-9th July 1999

Opening: Good
10th Sept 1999

Opening Weeked: 3.62 Crore

Bulandi - 
Opening Weeked: 1.65 Crore
7th Jan 2000

Opening Weeked: 3.14 Crore

Opening Weeked: 4.08 Crore
15th June 2001

Opening Weeked: 2.77 Crore

Opening Weeked: 2.44 Crore
10th Aug 2001

Opening Weeked: 9.59 Crore
-12th Aug 2005

Opening Weeked: 7.69 Crore
-26th Jan 2006

Opening Weeked: 11.74 Crore
26th May 2006

Opening Weeked: 16.52 Crore
21st Dec 2007

Opening Weeked: 29.62 Crore

Opening Weeked: 1.16 Crore
25th Dec 2008

Opening Weeked: 37.96 Crore
-24th Dec 2009

Opening Weeked: 8.57 Crore

Opening Weeked: 0.08 Crore
21st Jan 2011

Opening Weeked: 45.66 Crore
-30th Nov 2012

Opening Weeked: 95.47 Crore
-20th Dec 2013

4th Aug 1989Aamir Khan vs Mithun Chakraborthy
11th May 1990Dev Anand & Aamir Khan vs Rajkumar & Naseeruddin Shah
25th May 1990Aamir Khan vs Vinod Khanna
22nd June 1990Aamir Khan vs Sunny Deol
20th July 1990Aamir Khan vs Jeetendra
17th Aug 1990Aamir Khan vs Rahul Roy
26th Apr 1991Aamir Khan vs Avinash Wadhawan vs Govinda
12th July 1991Aamir Khan vs Rajinikanth vs Jackie Shroff
28th Aug 1992Aamir Khan vs Sanjay Dutt
14th May 1993Aamir Khan vs Govinda
23rd July 1993Aamir Khan vs Mithun Chakraborthy
11th April 1994Aamir Khan & Salman Khan vs Jackie Shroff & Jeetendra
14th April 1995Aamir Khan vs Dharmendra & Akshay Kumar
4th Aug 1995Aamir Khan & Rajinikanth vs Ajay Devgn vs Nagarjuna
30th Nov 1995Aamir Khan vs Shah Rukh Khan
28th Nov 1997Aamir Khan & Ajay Devgn vs Suniel Shetty & Vinod Khanna
10th Sept 1999Aamir Khan & Rahul Khanna vs Salman Khan & Arbaaz Khan
7th Jan 2000Aamir Khan & Faisal Khan vs Anil Kapoor & Rajinikanth vs Sudesh Berry
15th June 2001Aamir Khan vs Sunny Deol
10th Aug 2001Aamir Khan vs Ajay Devgn
21st Dec 2007Darsheel Safary & Aamir Khan vs Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor & Nana Patekar
25th Dec 2008Aamir Khan vs Akshay Kumar (voice)
21st Jan 2011Aamir Khan vs Vatsal Seth

Note: Only notable releases are taken into account.


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