Movie Reviews; Main Tera Hero *Varun Dhawan - Ileana D'Cruz - Nargis Fakhri*

Directed byDavid Dhawan
Produced byShobha Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor
Alpana Mishra
Written byMilap Zaveri
Narrated byVarun Dhawan
StarringVarun Dhawan
Ileana D'Cruz
Nargis Fakhri
Music bySajid-Wajid (Music Review)
Editing byNitin Madhukar Rokade
StudioBalaji Motion Pictures

Bollywood Hungama (Taran Adarsh):
On the whole, MAIN TERA HERO is a wild, wacky, madcap entertainer that has the unmistakable stamp of the master of entertainers -- David Dhawan. An over the top plot, humor quotient and performances are three aces the film stands on. The film should work well with admirers of typical Bollywood masalathons, also because Varun Dhawan pulls off the act with flamboyance and bowls you over with an uproarious act in this zany entertainer. Go, have fun and laugh out loud! Rating 3.5/5
David Dhawan holds the film together and lets it move at breakneck speed but in the process ends up introducing too many meaningless characters. However, Main Tera Hero works as a comedy film and the romantic angle is just an added afterthought, or so it seems. Dhawan basically has made his old brand of wine (the enjoyable type of wine we have grown up on) and given it a stylish modern branding. If you are in the mood for some madcap fun then Main Tera Hero is the perfect film for the season. Varun Dhawan delivers one of the funniest performances of the year and keeps us enthralled. Rating 3/5
 Times Of India (Srijana Mitra Das):
Main Tera Hero (MTH) is a glittering vehicle for star son Varun Dhawan to drive, which he does with practiced panache. However, even more than Junior, MTH has his dad David Dhawan stamped all over it.The plot is familiar Dhawan territory - one boy, two babes, a mansion and many clowns - but with new landmarks, from plunging bikinis to lip-glossed kisses, thrown in. Those seeking movies with meaning, note - Main Tera Hero is a pav bhaji picture, quick, spicy, hot. It has the depth of a comic strip but it also has its neon-shaded fun. For those who want a light laugh, here's your boy. Rating 3.5/5
 Rediff (Paloma Sharma):
The first in a long enough list of good news is that at least, for once, it is original(ish).The second half is primarily where the problem lies. The script dwindles slightly. Too many characters with too many subplots emerge, messing things up for a bit. Nevertheless, Main Tera Hero keeps you on your feet and Milap Zaveri's crisp dialogues never fail to extract a chuckle. Main Tera Hero succeeds where films like R... Rajkumar, Chennai Express and Phata Poster Nikla Hero failed. Not exactly suitable for family audiences, Main Tera Hero is a total seeti-maar, paisa vasool film and refreshingly unpretentious. Rating 3.5/5
 Bollywood Life (Prateek Sur):
The twists and turns in the film are timely. The comic timings are perfect. The facial expressions are superb. And lastly even though having an old formula, this film doesn’t allow you to feel bored throughout the 128 minutes. Main Tera Hero is a full on entertainer. David Dhawan has presented a retro ’90s style movie with peppy and foot-tapping music. Govinda seems to have taken rebirth in the form of Varun Dhawan. See this film for Varun Dhawan and watch him do his herogiri in full on Govinda style. Though Main Tera Hero isn’t a cult comedy movie, it is a must watch for cinegoers who want just entertainment, entertainment and entertainment! Rating 4/5
 NDTV (Saibal Chaterjee):
Main Tera Hero has both strains of comedy, the crass and the truly funny, but in the end it is the latter that dominates. The sheer absurdity of the screwball plot does not weigh unduly heavy on the film because the likeable oddballs that populate it quickly get on top of things. Main Tera Hero, for all its excesses, is held together by its sustained comic energy. The sillier it turns, the better it gets. The film has enough laugh-out-loud situations for the audience not to be overly put off by the screenplay’s obvious rough edges. Give Main Tera Hero a shot. Not quite vintage David Dhawan, but it comes pretty close. Rating 2.5/5
 DNA (Sarita Tanwar):
Main Tera Hero is a light-hearted entertainer, under two hours long which moves along at a brisk pace. Tushar Hiranandani has penned a mad script that will reel you in as soon as the credits end. TMH doesn't let you get bored even for a minute and keeps you entertained throughout.In the mood for a madcap film? Main Tera Hero is the answer. Rating 3/5
 Indian Express (Shubhra Gupta):
I did manage to find a few laughs in ‘Main Tera Hero’, David Dhawan’s showcase created solely for his son Varun, but it was hard work. Because this is David precariously close to making my eyes glaze over, with long stretches of flatness, and forced laughter. The film may be a Telugu remake, but the template is very Dhawan, with the usual mix of buffoons and goons and mistaken identities playing ‘I spy’ in a Bangkok hotel masquerading as a home. Rating 1.5/5
 Mid-Day (Shubha Shetty Saha):
The film does have some hilarious scenes, like Seenu's communication with God or when Kher's sentences end in an echo. Ironically, while the script and the film are refreshingly unpretentious, it's the simplicity that gets to you after a point. The flashy sets, the eardrum-challenging music and the sexy-but-intolerably dumb women might have worked two decades ago but now they just add to the overall cacophony. A timepass of a movie, it can be watched once. Only wish Dhawan had taken some risks rather than sticking to the age-old formula that worked for him eons ago. Rating 3/5
 Koi Moi (Mohar Basu):
David Dhawan has always symbolized the junk genre of cinema which is delicious to the core and revels in its mindlessness. Main Tera Hero is a must watch, that constantly has you laughing in its 120 minutes plus of runtime. The amusement of watching Govinda’s cinematic rebirth in the form of Varun Dhawan is delightful to the core. Unpretentious and hunky dory, it is a regular David Dhawan fare that is slapstick, silly and yet a consistent and coherent entertainer. Rating 3/5 (Shreya Sardesai):
The second half of Main Tera Hero concentrates on the humour part and has nothing to do with the story line. The movie is a one-time watch and will make you laugh occasionally. Go for it expecting a typical David Dhawan film! Rating 2.5/5
 Bolly Spice (Shalu Dhyani):
Yes, you need to leave your brains at home to enjoy this one. Main Tera Hero is unpretentious about its silliness and honest in its intentions to give you rib-tickling entertainment. Watch it to de-stress after a hard week at work. Rating 3.5/5


Absolute Recommended!


0.0 - 0.9 - Better dying than watching it..   
1.0 - 1.4 - Skip it..   
1.5 - 1.9 - Skip it if possible..   
2.0 - 2.4 - Watch only if you have nothing else to do..   
2.5 - 2.9 - Only one time watch..   
3.0 - 3.4 - Absolute Recommendation!   
3.5 - 3.9 - A Must Watch!   
4.0 - 4.4 - Watch before you die..   
4.5 - 5.0 - A Masterpiece..


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