Stars India Loves; March 2014

Ormax Media has released their star rankings for February 2014. This ranking is not based on Box Office performance of stars, but it is based on a survey in 29 cities of India, covering a monthly sample size of 4,300 cine-goers to determine popularity of stars and to calculate people's love for stars. 

Aamir Khan is no. 1 in Mysore territory (Bangalore). Salman Khan leads in all other markets and audience segments. Ranveer Singh continues to rank no. 11. Will he enter the top 10 next month? Ranbir Kapoor has moved down to no. 7, this is his lowest rank since March 2013. 

Deepika Padukone is ahead of Katrina Kaif amongst female audiences. Katrina Kaif is no. 1 in all other segments and all markets. Alia Bhatt enters the top 10 female stars list for the first time ever. 

NOTE: Both Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have remained no. 1 month after month for 44 weeks now, since November 2010. 

Full list below: 

RankTop Male StarsLast Month
1Salman Khan1
2Aamir Khan2
3Shah Rukh Khan3
4Hrithik Roshan4
5Akshay Kumar7
6Shahid Kapoor6
7Ranbir Kapoor5
8Amitabh Bachchan8
9Ajay Devgn9
10Sunny Deol10

RankTop Female StarsLast Month
1Katrina Kaif1
2Deepika Padukone2
3Kareena Kapoor3
4Priyanka Chopra4
5Aishwarya Rai5
6Madhuri Dixit6
7Sonakshi Sinha7
9Alia Bhatt-
10Parineeti Chopra9


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