100 Records of All Time Salman Khan VS Shahrukh Khan. Who wins ?

Who is Bigger Superstar Salman or Shahrukh ? Well The Fans of both stars claiming for their favourite one logically or illogically trying hard to prove on various sites. It is very well known fact that almost all stars are running their P R Team except few ones Like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan & Ajay Devgan. There are so many Posts/ Articles are published by the PR Team on various sites in favour of their stars which are totally biased & crafted ones. 
I have analysed this most complete comparison between Salman & Shahrukh to measure their Stardom on all basis. I have considered Most authentic available sources for all Data , facts and researches.

I have included all major records which I got from reliable sources. The sources are not linked there but can be presented if it is needed. Box office verdicts and figures are fetched from new Boxofficeindia (BOI). Box Office verdicts before 2000 which has not been updated by BOI yet, has been taken from old BOI.Take a look and do tell me if I missed something.

Salman Khan vs Shahrukh Khan All Time Records
1Highest Grosser of The Century Worldwide10Salman
2Highest Grosser of The Century Domestic10Salman
3All Time Grosser Worldwide12SRK
4Duration of All Time Grosser Worldwide7 Yrs5.3 YrsSalman
5All Time Adjusted GrosserHAHKDDLJSalman
6All Time Grosser Domestic11Tie
7Duration of All Time Grosser Domestic7 Yrs0.3 YrsSalman
82nd Highest All Time Grosser 74Salman
9Highest Grosser of The Decade Worldwide20Salman
10Highest Grosser Of The Decade Domestic20Salman
11Back to Back Highest Grosser of Decade Worldwide20Salman
12Back 2 Back Highest Grosser of Decade Domestic20Salman
13Top 10 Highest Grosser Of The Decade97Salman
14Highest Grosser Of The Year105Salman
15Top 2 Highest Grosser Of The Year42Salman
16Top 3 Highest Grosser Of The Year10Salman
17Back to Back Highest Grosser of The Year31Salman
18Highest Grosser Of The Year Worldwide109Salman
19Top 2 Highest Grosser of The Year Worldwide22Tie
20Current Highest Grosser Domestic315 Cr207 CrSalman
21Current Highest Grosser Overseas28.2M25.5MSalman
22Current Highest Grosser Worldwide603 Cr396 CrSalman
23Top 10 Grosser (Domestic)42Salman
24Top 10 Grosser (Overseas)24SRK
25Top 10 Grosser (Worldwide)33Tie
26All Time Blockbusters42Salman
27ATBB with Debutant Directors22Tie
28ATBB with Debutant Actresses10Salman
29ATBB with Debutant Director & Actress10Salman
31Back To Back Blockbusters52Salman
322 Blockbusters In A Single Year21Salman
33Blockbusters with Debutant Directors62Salman
34Blockbusters with Different Banners/PH85Salman
35Blockbusters with Different Directors95Salman
36Blockbusters with Different Actresses105Salman
37Most Watched Movies (Footfalls)HAHKDDLJSalman
385 Crore+ Footfalls10Salman
394 Crore+ Footfalls21Salman
403 Crore+ Footfalls43Salman
412 Crore+ Footfalls1310Salman
421 Crore+ Footfalls3030Tie
43Total Footfalls in Career60.80 cr53.8 crSalman
44Highest Distributor Share164 cr116 crSalman
45100 Crore Distributor Share41Salman
4650 Crore Distributor Share105Salman
47Top 10 Distributor Share42Salman
48Highest Single Day39.1 cr36.3 crSalman
49Highest Opening Day39.1 cr36.3 crSalman
50Top 10 Opening Day42Salman
51Highest Opening Weekend101 cr93 crSalman
52Top 10 Opening Weekend32Salman
53Highest Opening Week183 cr139 crSalman
54Top 10 Opening Week42Salman
55Highest Opening Weekend Overseas$8.1M$8.0MSalman
56Top 10 Opening Weekend Overseas25SRK
57Highest Opening Week Overseas$13.5M$10.6MSalman
58Top 10 Opening Week Overseas25SRK
59Highest Opening Weekend Worldwide185 cr173 crSalman
60Top 10 Opening Weekend Worldwide32Salman
61Highest Opening Week Worldwide333 cr249 crSalman
62Top 10 Opening Week Worldwide32Salman
63Films in 100-Crore Club96Salman
64Fastest To 100 Crore3 Days4 daysSalman
65Back To Back 100 Crore Grossers96Salman
66Films in 200-Crore Club21Salman
67Fastest to 200 Crore9 Days16 DaySalman
68Back To Back 200 Crore Grossers21Salman
69Films in 300-Crore Club10Salman
70Fastest to 300 Crore20 Days0Salman
71100 Crore Worldwide1215SRK
72200 Crore Worldwide77Tie
73300 Crore Worldwide43Salman
74400 Crore Worldwide10Salman
75500 Crore Worldwide10Salman
76600 Crore Worldwide10Salman
77Total Films in Career7460Salman
78Total Collections Of All Films2565 cr1978 crSalman
79Average Collection Per Movie34.66 cr32.96 crSalman
80Total Collection Adjusted nett in Career5373 cr4425 crSalman
81Average Collection of Adjusted nett Grss97.70 cr102.4 crSRK
82Total Worldwide Gross in Career4476 cr4078 crSalman
83Super Hits/Hits/Semi Hits3429Salman
84Films in Top 5 Hits of The Year2421Salman
85Biggest Hits of The Year104Salman
86Top 10 Biggest Hits of The Decade127Salman
87Biggest Hits of All TimeHAHKDDLJSalman
88Successful Films3429Salman
89Success Ratio46%48%SRK
90Most Consecutive Hits56SRK
91Most Consecutive Successful films97Salman
92BOI Star Ranking - Domestic2525845Salman
93BOI Star Ranking - Overseas1278812Salman
94BOI Star Ranking - Worldwide27811007Salman
95BOI Alltime Ranking1508516825SRK
96Most Powerful Celeb on Celebex Rank1st2ndSalman
97Most Popular Star on Ormax Rank1st2ndSalman
98Most Liked Actor On Facebook29.4M17.5MSalman
99Most Followed Actor On Twitter16.1M17.7MSRK
100Most Followed Actor On Google+1.86M1.83MSalman
101Most Followed Actor On Instagram3.0M0.9MSalman
102Most Popular On Social Media50.1M37.7MSalman
103Most Googled Actor All Time - India1st2ndSalman
104Most Googled Actor All Time-Worldwide1st2ndSalman
105Most Googled Image All Time - India1st2ndSalman
106Most Googled Image All Time - Worldwide1st2ndSalman
107Most Youtubed Actor AllTime- India1st2ndSalman
108Most Youtubed Actor AllTime-Worldwide1st2ndSalman

Salman Khan: 92

Shahrukh Khan: 10

Ties: 6

Salman Khan Dominates Completely over Shahrukh Khan . I request his fans and PR Team to stop talking nonsense about Salman Khan and accept the truth.

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This Article is written by our Reader Azam Azmi. He can be contacted directly on twitter @Tiger_Azam


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