Salman Khan , Alia Bhatt And Rajkumar Hirani Top in Bollywood 2014


 Below is a look at the top actor, actress, director, producer and distributor of 2014. There are five elements which have the biggest contribution to the success or failure of a film.

Actor - Salman Khan

   The actor is in a league of his as far the domestic market is concerned. Kick which had no star supportbe it from the heroine or supporting actors and a first time director took a phenomenal start for the period. The content of the film was also driven by stars image and and went on to become a big grosser.

Actress - Alia Bhatt

  The actress become a top ranker as films like 2 States and Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania emerged major hits and the performances of Alia Bhatt were appreciated tremendously. The credit of the success of these is as much if not more than the heroes for the actress.

Director - Rajkumar Hirani

  There was only one director in the race as PK broke records in most of the circuits and the film was not steam-rolled by the main lead through initial business but took a couple of days to get going as the content found huge appreciation especially amongst the family audiences.

Producer - Sajid Nadiadwala 

    Kick, 2 States and Heropanti the producer had a dream run in 2014. In this time of corporate studios ruling the roost its very rare that an independent producer has such a run. Even a film like Highway put up an okay number which was too the producerscredit as it had no star power but managed to do okay business in week one possibly due to marketing but crashed thereafter due to content. Heropanti was probably the biggest surprise hit of the year as it hit 50 crore nett.

Distributor / Studio UTV 

  It was a bad time for distributors but UTV who was the dominant force in 2013 managed to come out ontop again but not with the sort of advantage they had in 2013. The two biggest hits of the year PK andKick were distributed by UTV as well as other hit films like 2 States and Heropanti while Haider and Highway also managed to keep away from the flop list.



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