Most Watched Actors of All Time

The figures represent the total number of ticket sold by all the movies an Actor has leading or supporting Role in over their lifetime.

Most Watched Actors of All Time
NoActorsMoviesCountedTicket SoldAverage
1Salman Khan745562.80 Crore1.14
2Akshay Kumar1078259.08 Crore0.72
3Shah Rukh Khan594754.58 Crore1.16
4Ajay Devgan877450.65 Crore0.68
5Aamir Khan392235.14 Crore1.59
6Sunjay Dutt1205034.85 Crore0.69
7Suniel Shetty935031.92 Crore0.63
8Sunny Deol814131.72 Crore0.77
9Govinda1285028.50 Crore0.57
10Anil Kapoor1014228.18 Crore0.7
11Abhishek Bachan403927.92 Crore0.69
12Hrithik Roshan202027.46 Crore1.37
13Saif Ali Khan524224.75 Crore0.58
14Bobby Deol363619.80 Crore0.55
15John Abraham333213.70 Crore0.42
16Emraan Hashmi323211.44 Crore0.35
17Ranbir Kapoor 141310.40 Crore0.8
18Shahid Kapoor232309.72 Crore0.42
19Imran Khan121105.94 Crore0.54

Last Updated ( 12/10/2015)


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